What Makes a Celebrity Mom Sexy?

by Laura Roe Stevens

What Makes a Celebrity Mom Sexy?

Victoria “Posh” Spice was voted the sexiest mom by Victoria’s Secret. USA Today chose Kelly Ripa. While these women can torture us regular moms still struggling to lose the last fifteen pounds of baby weight—many say they also inspire them. Both Posh and Ripa are moms of three children with demanding schedules and careers. But for me, these two women just aren’t “sexy” in the classical sense. Ripa is cute with a tight body, but Posh is downright scary. (Does she ever smile?)


I have to admit that part of what makes a celebrity mom sexy, in my opinion, is a softening and a new sense of purpose as well as beauty. So moms with four or five jobs, a frenetic schedule, and rigorous work-out routine smacks of a woman distant from her children, driven and inflexible in her goals. Yes, I know that’s not what everyone cares about. Just ask my husband. His top two choices are Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones who are “hot.” But when I asked him whom he preferred out of the two, he instantly said Angelina. “Catherine seems a bit of a bitch. Angelina is just beautiful and seems like a good mom.”


Aha—men care about more than hot bods when determining whether a mom is sexy! I did an informal poll of friends and coworkers and these moms top the sexy list for not only being beautiful, but also epitomizing a sense of purpose, grace, and a relaxed sense of style.


Gwyneth Paltrow


Photo source: smidgeonofunk on flickr


Gwyneth tops our list with both women and men polled. Women like that she seems to have made her kids her top priority as “she doesn’t work that much anymore and doesn’t parade her kids around for the paparazzi.” Men replied that Gwyneth has it all. She is a wonderful actress and also has a classic elegance and beauty that is “breathtaking.”


Angelina Jolie


Photo source: Jose M. Ruiz Garrido on flickr


It would be hard to get much sexier than Angelina Jolie. She has the curves, the pouty mouth, the gorgeous eyes, and of course, the perfect body. On top of that, she is driven to help others, break barriers, and is an insanely talented actress. Already a mom of three, she is currently pregnant with twins and is overjoyed at the prospect of raising five kids with sexy hubby Brad Pitt.


Reese Witherspoon


Photo source: Brett McNab on flickr


Reese is a Southern Belle whose charm and Barbie looks drive many crazy. On top of that, she’s a dedicated mom of two who brags about accompanying her charges to friends’ birthdays or class parties. As one dad put it: “Reese is cute, cute, and cutey cute! She’s a responsible celebrity and seemingly a great mom, avoids the idiocy of paparazzi media, as well as a (creating a) phenomenal rendition of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!”


Salma Hayek


Photo source: El Pumpitan on flickr


Smolderingly gorgeous, this Latina mama for many, epitomizes the word sexy.


Cate Blanchett


Photo source: Naughty Secretary Club on flickr


This talented actress seems more elegant than sexy to me, but she was voted on the list as having a winning combination of classic good looks and “an amazing resume of roles.”


Susan Sarandon


Photo source: Thomas Becker on flickr


An older mom for sure, and yes, a woman voted her on this list due to her activism. But men, check out Susan in her younger years. How hot was she in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bull Durham or Thelma & Louise? Susan has been in the spotlight in recent years for her activism in many causes and is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. And, for a sixty-two year old woman (did you see her as Queen Narissa in the Disney movie Enchanted?), she still looks pretty darn hot in a body suit and platform boots!