What Momma Taught Me that I Never Wanted to Know

by admin

What Momma Taught Me that I Never Wanted to Know

What a thought-provoking subject … it does take me back. Lets see … my mother taught me a few simple rules about life, which I still apply today. Most of them were instilled in me as a small child, growing up in a fairly large family, with three siblings, on my dad’s salary earned in the local textile mill.

I learned from Mom that with a little creativity, whatever you cooked would STRETCH to feed everyone. I learned that there was a point behind the bible stories she read each night.

I learned that sometimes yelling is an excellent and very effective form of communication—Ha Ha! I learned from Momma that chores would not actually KILL me like I thought, and again—there was a valid point behind it.

I also learned from Momma that during the years she was a stay-at-home mom, perhaps she had the most under-appreciated and difficult job of all, as there is no job description that could ever reach to every aspect of her never-ending duties. I even learned that one family COULD share one car, and Momma would often be home without it. Looking into my mother’s eyes, I learned what fear looks like and the real value of a minute when I arrived home after my curfew. She tried to explain her anguish to me but I saw it clearly that night. I guess the most important lesson learned was that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude will take you ALL THE WAY.