What Really Matters

by admin

What Really Matters

Today I am thirty-six weeks pregnant, and I’m proud of it.

At the end, I know all the wait was worth it … despite of the circumstances …

I guess we’re not always ready for the plan God has in store for us, although I don’t see whatever could have prepared me for this situation, but what I’ll do for myself and this baby is I will give my very best to make it all the best life experience ever! As if there really was nothing in my situation that could affect me (still being a teenager and inexperienced) because despite of it all, I still won’t allow for anything or anybody to get something negative to my baby! I just won’t allow it.

After all, it’s not the baby’s fault but mine, and so, I am ready to face it all on my own and whoever wants to support me, although I know God is and will always be with us! So there’s nothing I’m really afraid of. Besides, none of this would’ve happened in the first place unless God had allowed it, and that’s a statement because I have no doubt of it!

So, here I am, standing strong, willing to face it all, with the greatest inspiration of all: A soul beneath my soul, and we will never let anything or anybody keep us from fulfilling our purpose in this world.