What is So Funny?

by admin

What is So Funny?

So my husband and I decided to go to the grocery store because of course we have run out of everything at once! We load our fourteen month old sweet baby boy into the car and rush off. All is well; baby is chewing on the side of the car seat with as much drool filling it as a Saint Bernard fills anything its standing over. I am going over the list I wrote on the way, while my husband is driving like a maniac because he hates to go shopping!

Finally we enter the overly packed out store. It seems everyone else ran out of everything at once also. We throw the products into the cart like it was a rushed basket ball game and we were trying to get the last point! Baby has now switched his drooling over to making spit bubbles and sounds with his little, but ever so loud mouth. We arrive at the check out lane totally exhausted and wore out and thankfully it was only us and one other lady behind us!

I unload the ridiculously expensive items and my husband and the baby go in front of me and wait. As I’m paying, almost having a heart attack of what the total was, I started to smell something very foul! At that time my husband was about choking trying not to burst into laughter. I looked at him rudely, thinking he was laughing at me for some reason, and said, what is so funny, with a look that could kill? We leave the store and as we do I looked behind us, in shock because the baby must have had diarrhea and the lady behind us was standing in what looked like a puddle of it. Sure enough I looked down at baby and it was running all over the cart and ground. Behind us was literally wheel tracks from the cart! We took baby’s diaper off changed it in the car and left it in the cart totally embarrassed . We zoomed out of there like Dale Earnheart ! I have serious fears of taking him out again, what a day!