What Spas and Services to Avoid While Pregnant

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What Spas and Services to Avoid While Pregnant

As pregnancy spa services have become so popular, many spas are qualified to provide prenatal treatments. And what an amazing plethora of treatments from which to choose! However, there are some spas and services to avoid. Consider the following when booking your appointment.

Spas to Avoid:

Spas that require a doctor’s note (unless you’ve experienced complications)
If a spa requires a doctor’s note before treatment, it may show lack of experience or confidence in offerings. As far as treatments go, very few are contraindicated as long as you’re working with a trained, experienced therapist. Unfortunately we are still victims of the myth that pregnancy is a “delicate condition” and the resulting fear surrounding this myth.

Spas that won’t see you in the first trimester
If a spa isn’t comfortable seeing you in the first trimester, they may not have the proper training and experience with prenatal clients.

Services to Avoid:

Facial Peels and Microdermabrasion
Facials feel great and can only enhance the glow of pregnancy. However, many women are affected by skin sensitivity and hyper-pigmentation during pregnancy so facial peels and microdermabrasion are not recommended. Facials designed to treat these conditions should be part of the spa menu and products used should support these changes.

Wraps constrict movement and a client may get too warm. If mom gets too warm, blood vessels dilate to bring more blood to the skin surface for cooling. This could make mom lightheaded and uncomfortable.

Essential oils
It is suggested that pregnant women use essential oils derived from flowers rather than herbs during pregnancy, and that “calming” oils such as lavender are preferable to “stimulating” oils such as camphor.

By Stacy Denney, founder of Barefoot & Pregnant

Photo Courtesy of Barefoot & Pregnant

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