What We Lost Today

by admin

What We Lost Today

Today I sat on the floor in my daughter’s nursery. She was in a little white t-shirt, and her pink pants had a bunny sewn on her butt. She toddled around her room, holding onto her stuffed dog by the ear. I stared at her in awe as the sunlight filtered onto her features. Her eyes were so blue, and such a surprise because of the brown eyed relatives on her Father’s side. Her hair is so blonde, and I just love running my fingers through the little curls in the back. As she made her way around the room, she said small words that seemed to mean something important to her. She put her doggy down, and picked up a stuffed duck. Now she was telling him a story.

As she spoke to her duck in her own sweet language, she slowly lifted his beak to her face and gave him the sweetest little kiss. I couldn’t help but be amazed by how she just kissed him on her own, out of the blue. We had never tried to teach her to give kisses. She must have learned by receiving all of the kisses my husband and I give her. A few minutes later, her ducky got another kiss and I started to get jealous.  I looked at her and said, “Athina, can I have a kiss?” She slowly toddled over to me, bent slightly at the knees, and leaned in to give me the tiniest kiss I have ever received. Then she stood up straight and wandered over to her toys as if nothing had happened. As she walked away toting her ducky, I could feel my heart going with her. With one little kiss, she had stolen my heart and now it belonged to her.

When my husband got home from work to find us playing in Athina’s room, he sat down to ask us about our day. Athina was busy playing with her dolls and occasionally kissing them as well. My husband thought it was the most adorable thing she had done to date, and I told him that she might kiss him if he asked. He looked at her and said, “Athina … kiss,” as he stuck out his lips. Sure enough, she made her way over to him and gave him a tiny kiss, while looking upward and smiling slightly. As she turned away from him, he put his hand to his chest, as if he could stop her from stealing his heart too. But I knew it was too late as I saw a small tear form in the corner of his eye. With two small kisses, we both had our hearts stolen. What a wonderful day.