What Your Pregnancy Cravings Are Telling You

by Michelle Moss

What Your Pregnancy Cravings Are Telling You

Did you know that food cravings are often more than just urges? That’s right – they’re actually your body’s way of saying: “HELLO, I’m missing something!” OR “Give me more of that please!”


In fact, you can learn a lot from your food cravings – they tell you what you’re missing in your diet (just like your finger nails for example!).


If you’re wondering just HOW you’re supposed to interpret your cravings – here are 3 good examples:


1. Anybody Craving Cheese?


Well I know I DID! My belly screamed for Havarti, the really rich kind!


As I’m sure you’ve guessed, when you crave cheese or other dairy products, your body is most likely looking for CALCUIM.


In addition to eating more dairy products, try things like broccoli, spinach and almonds – this will help you to lower your fat intake.


2. What About Raisins?


Who would’ve thought that raisins could be one of the most COMMON cravings for pregnant women?


Because raisins are high in iron, this OFTEN indicates that you need more IRON in your diet (especially if you crave them a lot!).


So just to be on the SAFE side, add some beans, peas, nuts, dried fruit, meat (in moderation!) and breakfast cereals to your diet.


If you choose breakfast cereals – stay away from the high sugar cereals from your local grocery store (sugar should NOT be one of the first 3 items on the ingredient list!). If you can, pick a cereal that’s organic and sweetened with natural fruit juice.


3. And What About Olives & Pickles?


There’s also the stereotypical craving of OLIVES & PICKLES.


In this case, your body may be craving more salt/sodium – another common deficiency during pregnancy.


When you find yourself craving salty foods – watch your sugar intake. That’s right, sugar! Why? Because salt is OFTEN craved to balance out excessive sugar intake – so make sure you cut back on your treats!


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Once you can interpret your body’s messages, not only will you be able to ensure that you’re getting all the right nutrients, but you’ll be able to AVOID gaining extra unnecessary pounds both during and after pregnancy 🙂