What’s the Question?

by admin

What’s the Question?

The interview is going well, and conversation is flowing at a relaxed pace. 

And then one of the interviewers interjects, “And how are you at multi-tasking?” 

At warp speed my mind spins out a reel of the morning activities from flipping pancakes while coaching my fourth grader on test strategies for her math exam and assuring the six-year-old that we have Rice Krispies, reaching up to grab the box before he drops it on his head, scooting the dog’s nose away from Grace’s precariously balanced bowl of overflowing cereal before flipping over the pancakes. 

The reel continues to a performance of ironing last minute wardrobe changes and washing faces while encouraging the defiant four-year-old to finally select an outfit and crawl out from under the rocking chair. Faces are washed with one hand and homework is signed off on with the other, with a running list of next step reminders called out. And the dog’s pulled off the sofa and put outside with fresh water. 

The reel ends with three pulled together kids departing for school, all school supplies intact and completed and me focusing on getting to this appointment on time, fully versed in the company’s background with a MapQuest printout of the directions. 

“Multi-tasking is innate for me,” I smile back. 

Later that evening I’m preparing dinner after taking the dog out and reviewing homework while reminding another offspring to get off the computer when I’m compelled to call a dear friend of mine. 

“I forgot to share with you that in the interview I was asked how I am at multi-tasking.” I managed to get out the words before we both burst into laughter. 

I laugh until the tears flow. 

And it feels good.