What’s the Real Reason Behind Your Pregnancy?

by admin

What’s the Real Reason Behind Your Pregnancy?

You know I think I’m a freak of nature. I actually enjoy eating really healthy and love my Pregnancy Elimination Diet because when I’m on it I feel like my whole being is literally buzzing with good health, even though it means I can’t have a lot of the things that I really like, (like chocolate, marmite on toast and a good latte!).

I also love working out, and I actually feel depressed when I can’t get to the gym or do my usual workouts in a week, but I know that this isn’t the case for a lot of people. Especially when you’re pregnant.

There’s something in particular about pregnancy that makes us all feel, (me included), that you don’t need to be quite as hot on your pregnancy diet and exercise as you would be if you weren’t pregnant. It goes back to the very old fashioned notion that pregnancy is a time where you can afford to eat more indulgently because you are eating for two, and if you miss a workout, well hey, you can always make the excuse that you were just too tired that day, right?

Sure, one missed workout is not going to make a huge difference, nor is one day of eating junk food, just because you feel like it, but have you ever stopped right at that moment before you make the decision to blow your pregnancy workout in favor of a trip to the coffee shop for a latte and a cake and thought about why you really feel the need to take control of your pregnancy weight gain, get your pregnant body in shape or pursue any other pregnancy fitness goal?

My big realization came today when I read an article by Mike Kramer of Babyfit, that really struck home with me. I’ve been working far too hard recently, so much so that literally everything else in my life has gone on hold, bar one little person. And that little person is the reason I need to stop and take a check of myself. Because although I may reason to myself that I’m doing all this to secure his future, he only needs one thing from me right now, and that is to be on top of my game.

He needs me to rest so I can be full of energy to do everything that needs to be done in a day. He needs me to look after my body so that I am strong enough and healthy enough to cope with the demands of carrying a baby plus shopping up two flights of stairs without breaking my back. He needs me to be happy, so that I can teach him all about happiness and balance in his life. And most of all he needs a Mummy who respects her own health above everything else, because without my health where would he be?

The name of my motivation is River Folllows and he is ten months old. His future depends upon the choices I make today and every time I put off my workout because I have too much work to do, it adds up. Each of these small instances, over time will lead to an injured back, ill health or even worse a stressed out and unhappy Mummy.

What about you? Does your motivation have a name?

Is it time for you to stop and think about the real reason you want to pursue that pregnancy health goal?

If the answer is yes, then keep asking yourself why your goal is so important to you, until you get an emotional (and probably uncomfortable) response. Then keep this reason at the front of your mind every day by writing down your affirmations and repeating them aloud every morning and every night before bed. Just by using this one simple technique you will soon find yourself a lot closer to success.