What’s Your Distance?

by admin

What’s Your Distance?

Do you keep a car’s distance between you and the other crazies?

How safe are you while you drive?

How safe do you keep your kids while you are shuttling them around?

I live in the crazy zoo of Los Angeles. Filled with crazy drivers. Seriously, it seems like at least 50 percent of the other drivers around here are out of their minds.

When I was brand new in the Air Force (ages ago—I’m out now), I had a safety briefing from a crusty Master Sergeant from OSI. I only remember one thing from the brief: keep a car’s distance open between yourself and the other cars while you are driving around L.A.

I still think about it while I drive around here.

No one else does this. For sure.  

Because when I try it, I get cut off … all … the … time.  

How about you?  

What are your safety tips for driving with kids in the car?