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When Blogging Goes Too Far

Today’s blogging parents have become obsessed with capturing every moment in their family’s lives and publishing pictures and blog reports immediately. Some seem to tackle their endeavors like war correspondents who must report from the trenches their important updates—such as little Sally’s first poop in the potty. Who knew ten years ago that youtube or flickr would even exist? But they do and parents are capturing every moment of their children’s lives online—whether via social networking sites, social photo-sharing sites or their own blogs.

Clearly, many are taking it a bit too far. When a parent runs to pick up the camera before giving much needed TLC to a child in need—you have to admit, there’s a screw loose. Seriously, do you need to embarrass your child for life by posting a picture of him stuck in a toilet or a chair? Think about what you’re doing. I have to admit that I’m surprised by how many pictures I found online of children in precarious or dangerous situations. Perhaps some were taken by mischievous older brothers, but I’m fairly sure parents were behind many of these:

Poor little guy!

Photo source: eBaum’s World

You know this picture will show up again at his high school reunion!

Photo source: My Opera

Can you say torture?

Photo source: My Opera

Let’s hope this is a plastic crocodile.

Photo source: My Opera

This is SICK.

Photo source: My Opera

If this is real, I’m completely shocked.

Photo source: My Opera

It’s a good thing they didn’t decide to camp out in the middle of the road.

Photo source: Women, Fire & Dangerous Things on (cc)

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