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When Did I Become a Mom?

Funny thing is I know exactly when I became a Mom: summer of 2005 and then spring of 2008. But lately I really have started to ponder that question. When did I become a “Mom”? I mean I’m doing all of these things that I said I’d never do—driving a minivan (oh, how I said that day would never come) and liking clothes because they are comfortable and not necessarily stylish. I mean I haven’t worn a heel more than an inch high in about five years. To me—elevated shoes and children don’t mix. Remember the whole Britney nearly dropping her oldest when she tripped in some wedges? I think back to a decade or so ago—living abroad with some friends—doing things because we wanted to. These days everything is about “have to.” I have to take my child to the doctor, drive my oldest to preschool, get up before the sun because my kids do. I look out into the skies over suburbia—dotted with cookie cutter homes, and manicured lawns and think this is where I am now. It seems that everyone thinks that they’ll do it differently—they’ll break from the mold and be the cool parents. And the thing is, so many of us seem to do the same things and live duplicate lives. 

I love my children—my husband—but it seems that so much about parenthood is about sacrifice—sure I’d love a European sedan with sweet leather seats again ... but I have juice boxes, strollers, and car seats to tote people so a van is the more practical choice. I mean don’t vans and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly? Turns out we end up doing so many things we said we’d never do as parents. And isn’t that just life? I mean every time I see another minivan I always wonder about the woman behind the wheel—what was she like in high school—where did she go to college—did she go to college—was she tame—wild—introverted—extroverted? Seriously, I wonder. Because after all we’re all living in the ’burbs and living a similar life—or so it seems. We’re all on the same hamster wheel. There’s a certain brand of generic to us. But it’s okay! Raise your juice boxes and toast to us!

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