When Our Children Get Sick – Keeping It Light

by admin

When Our Children Get Sick – Keeping It Light

We are finally all back on our feet after the nasty gastro that gripped our family for nearly two weeks. I have managed to get back my appetite enough to prepare meals again—hooray!

I do not like being sick nor playing the bathroom cleanup fairy and shall we say that awaking multiple times a night reminds me of nights on call as a pediatrician responding to the ins and outs of bodily functions of my adorable patients. 

It is, however, altogether different when the whining patient is your preteen daughter who is having a fit because her hair, recently straightened and washed, is in the way of projectile vomitus and I can do nothing to assuage her! It is at times like these which are rather bittersweet, happy to be of aid to my own children during their discomfort with illness, yet, noting that it is far easier to care for patients because there is no personal stuff to get in the way of treatments!

So I have been musing a lot over these past days and there are a few things I wanted to share; I call these reflections mini gifts of being down with a seasonal illness:

  1. Taking time to honor great things happening in the world like—I so loved Obama’s Congressional Address—he delivered a clear message to Americans about his objectives regarding energy, health care, and education. He drew a line for all to see about how these three issues were necessary to address NOW because they impact the economic picture so acutely. Hooray for logical, bright leaders who can see the forest and the trees!
  2. Taking time to notice nature’s beauty—it has been magnificent these last few days with far reaching rays of gorgeous Mediterranean sunlight  beaming through the French windows … taunting spring to arrive early!
  3. Taking time to be a bit creative—I have been  sketching up ideas for my horrific garden, which is styled to date in early hillbilly. Yes, my husband is a pack rat, so is my son and okay, I admit to having eight French iron beds, in parts mind you, in a corner near the outbuilding … I feel a decluttering coming along. And no, we have no chickens, roosters, or pigs.

For the children/adolescents here the transition back to school was slowed, as I mentioned, due to virus ville, here at the bohemian mini chateau. I advise pushing them to regain their rhythm with sports and studies (I was a tad eager and ended up doing a round trip to the city where my daughter attends school some one hour away after she redecorated the girls bathroom—if you follow my drift …
Finally, what are the positives of virus season, you ask?

  1. Easily inspired weight loss
  2. Decrease in the grocery bills for two weeks
  3. Oh, and excuses for long naps and family movie time

In essence, the gastroenteritis season and the cold and flu season are like all seasons, requiring patience, a sense of humor, and an attempt to reframe the icky negatives into something meaningful.