Where Do Crabs Live?

by admin

Where Do Crabs Live?

My five-year-old son Kell always tags along with me whenever I go to the supermarket. Aside from the toy section, he especially likes the seafood section and enjoys watching the live fish and prawns swimming in the aquarium and never fails to go to the crabs with tied up claws and watch them move.

One fine Sunday morning, after we brought Kell to the barbershop, my husband decided to have breakfast at a “Kopitiam” that’s what coffee shops were called here. Near our table was an aquarium without water, and inside it were crabs. They seemed like racing and stepping on one another to get to the top. As usual, my son saw the crabs and excitedly he said, “Mommy! Mommy! Look at the crabs! They’re trying to escape!

I said, “Yes, they want to go back to their home, which is?”

Kell replied, “The SUPERMARKET!”