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who is right

i have been divorced for 5 years now,male 47 with four kids.i been disabled for 6 years and get social security for myself and extra for my kids.the problem is since i been divorced my ex was taking care of my 2 daughters and receiving the support checks for my two kids while i was taking care of my older son and supporting him by myself.she never helped me in supporting him and in the first 4 years she never sent my kids to visit me in the summer.she lives in texas and i live in california.this last year she finally sent them to me but my youngest one ended up staying with me because she wanted to live with me and my other daughter went back.the problem is she wants me to send my daughter to her for the summer but me pay for it just because i receive my daughters support check from my the 4 years she received earned income credit from the irs and their support checks but never could send them to me,now she wants me to send her our kid but that i pay for the plane ticket,and she says that the money i get from social security for myself and kids is part of hers to support my kids living with me,so she doesn't send me a dime for them,is she suppose to help me with them or not? i don't know what to do if anyone can please give me any advise i would really appreciate it,thank you.

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