Who Is this Student?

by admin

Who Is this Student?

He seldom completes homework, he falls asleep/daydreams in school, his parents are never home and when they are they give him little attention. He eats whatever he can find often spending a lot of time at a friends where he might catch a warm meal. His grades are low, sometimes wearing the same clothes over and over again. Who is he? YES, His name is At-risk Student “Loser”! The guy that teachers really don’t warm up to and allow them to just exist in their classrooms.

Well, the sad part is that this population is growing by leaps and bounds! Will it continue to get worse now that we are losing jobs and the economy looks so bleak for many of us? What does our future hold for us?

It’s time for teachers to take on our greatest challenge-to treat them like your own children, to go out of your way to extend your kindness, to mentor these “losers” so that they have the opportunity to develop into “winners”. What a tremendous opportunity to change a child’s life. Is it possible, it certainly can happen, I have seen it happen but not often enough. As a veteran teacher I always tell people that the greatest bonus in my career is when former students appear at your classroom door to thank you for giving them a chance. Is anything more important and valuable than that? So tomorrow as you enter your classroom look for him and start to search for his strengths and guide him along his path to success!