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Who’s In Charge?

I was talking to my two daughters aged sixteen and ten about who will be in charge of the household when my husband and I are away. My six-year-old son Kell was playing just beside us.

I told my eldest, “When dad and mommy are away and our helper goes to the market, you are in charge of taking care of the house and your siblings. Then my second daughter said, “what if she is away?” To give her importance, I told her, “then you are in charge.”

One day my husband and I went to watch a movie together with our two daughters. Our son Kell was still in school that time and our helper picked him up. When they came home, Kell asked our helper, “Michelle, where is everybody?” She replied, “They watched a movie.”

“Oh ok,” he said calmly. Then he said, “I want to watch TV.” Then he changed his mind, “Oh, no, I want to play games in the computer, Michelle. You watch TV. I’M IN CHARGE NOW!”

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