Whose Last Name Do Your Kids Have?

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Whose Last Name Do Your Kids Have?

Here’s a biggie that is close to both of our hearts:

Your children’s last name. A last name is more than just a legacy—it carries much weight when it comes to relationships and family.

When Rachel at Single Mom Seeking gave birth, she did the traditional thing and gave her baby Dad’s last name. But after he and Rachel split up—and he went abroad—it seemed odd to that she and her child had different last names.

So, before kindergarten rolled around, she went to court and legally changed her child’s last name to her own.

Dr. Leah kept her married name even after her kids’ father split for good. 

She wanted to change her own name back to her birth name but, ultimately, decided against it. The same last name as her kids meant much less explaining, especially at school. 

She thought also about changing her kids’ names to her birth name.  However, her son, Andy, had already mastered spelling and printing “Klungness” (no small task in kindergarten), so changing his last name would have been a “big deal” for him.

Sometimes small things like that sort of make the choice for you, don’t you think?

Whose last name do your kid’s have? Yours? His? Or, did you hyphenate?

We’ve heard many strong opinions on this one.

For single moms by choice, we imagine that this decision is a no-brainer.

Many single mom celebrities have set a precedent by giving their babies their own last name on the birth certificate—such as actress Bridget Moynahan mom to John Edward Thomas Moynahan. (The father is NFL star Tom Brady.)

Some parents, however, say that if their child is a boy, he should have his father’s name—but a girl should have her mother’s. Moreover, changing your child’s last name post-divorce must be a weighted decision.

Do your children have your last name? Why? Why not?

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