Why Choose Natural Products for Your Baby and Toddler?

by Carrie

Why Choose Natural Products for Your Baby and Toddler?

After breastfeeding, using only natural, non-toxic products around and on your baby is one of the first steps in protecting them.


Why use natural baby products?

Many synthetic ingredients are found in cosmetics, and even in over the counter baby products. These products don’t cause immediate visible signs of toxicity, but can affect the health of the baby negatively over time through repeated use. Some of these can lead to rashes, respiratory distress, and even long-term health consequences.


Are there safer alternatives?
Thankfully, there are many natural options available to prevent excessive use of toxic and allergenic ingredients. Many times natural, homemade baby products can be made in your own kitchen if you’re so inclined, saving you money. If not, most can be found at your local stores.


Cloth diapers and homemade wipes help cut down on rashes and allergic reactions and save lots of money. New improved design of cloth diapers have made them just as convenient as disposable diapers. Homemade baby wipes can be easily made and help prevent diaper rash as well as producing less disposable waste. To make your own wipes, mix 1/4-cup olive oil or baby oil with 2 cups of distilled water and 1/4-cup of natural baby shampoo to a 1/2-roll of organic paper towels. Pour the solution over the towels and seal them in an airtight container. Of course, you can also use this wipes solution on cloth wipes.


Instead of using store-bought baby oil containing petroleum-derived ingredients for the baby’s tender skin, natural oils such as apricot provide the same benefit. Giving your baby a massage is highly recommended, especially for premature babies, in the bonding experience. It also helps in digestion, eases tension, and spurs growth and helps you bond with your baby.


Even when you are using cloth diapers and wipes, your child may at some time experience a diaper rash. The ingredient in many organic diaper rash creams, Jojoba oil, allows skin to breathe and is non-carcinogenic. Mixing Jojoba oil with either pure vitamin E oil or Wheatgerm oil provides the healing agent needed while letting the skin breathe. Instead of using a baby powder containing talc, a known carcinogen, consider one made from natural minerals and clay or cornstarch. Safer products mean more peace of mind for you and comfort for baby.


Providing your newborn natural baby with non-toxic, eco-friendly products just makes sense. The products are just as easy to obtain and protect your baby from possible toxic or allergenic ingredients—while being more environmentally friendly.