Why Do Some Children Cry When They Meet Strangers?

by Edy Wijaya

Why Do Some Children Cry When They Meet Strangers?

This is a second opinion about how you can educate your children on particular situations.


Have you ever seen children crying when they meet strangers? Well, we can say it’s normal, right? But I believe we can avoid or at least minimize the crying the children make.


Today I was in the queue to take a picture for my new passport. While I was waiting, I saw one kid, about two years old, crying when she was put on the chair and the guy in front of her was about to take her picture. She was crying unstoppably. About fifteen minutes later, another child also started crying. But this time, both parents changing places to hold her so she could take her picture but all attempts seemed worthless. Why does this happen?


I can say that this is normal how children react to the situation (where he/she is unfamiliar) by crying. This action is their way to show their parents that they are not comfortable to be placed in certain situations.


The question is, how do we cope with this?


Well, there is one thing we can do. Get a child familiarized with future situations and get he/she to fantasize what will happen or who he/she will meet, etc. For example, if we want to have a visit to one of our friends or relatives, tell them that you will meet Uncle Bob or Aunt Mary and tell the kid that the house will have this and that. Tell them something they like, could be superhero characters, candies, cookies or even dogs that they will see in that new place. Use your imagination to describe the situation to your child so he/she will not be “shocked” when they meet people or in certain places.


I hope this will help you to avoid your children crying when they meet with strangers. This is a frustrated job for some parents I know, but it is a learning process. You learn by doing. After all, only you who understand your children fully.