Why Do They Have to Grow Up?

by admin

Why Do They Have to Grow Up?

Why do they have to grow up?

Our little miracles, our happiness, our life.
They start out so innocent and needy.
Then slowly experience independence.
The crawling, the walking.
Picking up and finding interesting things.
Some good and fun, some not …
We protect and teach,
We let go a little, just enough for them
to learn what is right and wrong.
Then we can reel them in when needed.

School begins and a new independent experience.
Friends are made, feelings are hurt, learning is experienced.
They begin to find themselves and who they are and what they can do.
They experience kindness and what it brings to them and others,
They experience meanness and how it hurts them and others.
Another learning experience is had …

When they become teenagers …
They try to discover themselves
and who they are going to be.
What am I going to do in my lifetime?
What will be my career?
Challenge the rules, disagreements on what is fair.
This is our most challenging time in our children’s lives.
They have to prove to us that they are trustworthy,
That they will do the right thing.
Keep their curfew, follow the rules …

Their innocence is gone at this point.
They form their own opinions, their own ideas,
They are becoming adults …
Our little ones are now gone,
They have become our grown up children.
How have we done as parents is now before our eyes.
We have done the best we can,
We have loved them and guided them
and taught them what we knew.

Now it is their turn …