Why Kids Are so Bad Today

by Susan Humphrey

Why Kids Are so Bad Today

I think that the reason kids are so bad today is they have too much time on their hands. If we could take a large piece of land then go and get the kids out of the juvenile detention centers and teach them to work it we could help the people in our communities that are going hungry and teach the kids what it is like to work for something and actually be tired at the end of a day from something other that playing a video game. We could get a couple of tractors along with other equipment teach the kids to operate it, I was on a tractor at the age of six and I am a girl so I know it is possible for a teenager to be taught to operate one. Teach them how to use a hoe and a planter how to water the plants and pull the weeds from them then how to harvest the crops. Then the vegetables could be sold at discount prices at a vegetable stand or stands somewhere and the proceeds could be used to fund the program.


I observed my friend the other day, she has a ten-year-old girl which has a cell phone, TV in her room, video games both the ones you connect to the TV and the handheld ones, she has an electric scooter and about anything else she pretty much asks for. Back to the point, her mother told her to go into the kitchen and help her sister wash the dishes. She told her no and sat there. My friend just acted as if she had not said anything then a little while later she told her again and she replied I got homework and got up went into the bedroom and turned the TV on in there. That was the end of it. When I mentioned it to my friend she said that is just the way she is and it is just easier to leave her alone than to argue and fuss with her to make her do it. Meanwhile the sister is stuck doing everything and the younger gets everything she gets because it is not fair and the mother does not want to hear her argue and fuss about not getting the same.


Tell me who is at fault here? Is it the mother for not making the child do what she is told? Is it the ten-year-old for not doing as she is told? Is it the fourteen-year-old sister for doing the dishes while the ten-year-old is not there helping?