Why Now and Why Music?

by admin

Why Now and Why Music?

Researchers say music is vital for brain development. Wish you could teach your baby? Learn how from a music educator and mom.

Being a musician and music educator most of my life, I had planned on teaching my babies all about music when the time came, but the newest neurological research even surprised me as to how much music enhances the brain. Advances in medical technology, specifically, the advent of the MRI has shown that the brain is significantly changed by participation in music making. When researchers dissect a healthy human brain, nothing about the person’s life experience or IQ can be determined. However, they can tell if the person was a musician, especially a musician trained at a young age. The musician’s brain is markedly enlarged in approximately 20-30 areas. There are striking changes that can occur with a single year of musical instruction. These are changes that are visible to the naked eye. The power of music to alter the brain is amazing.

I started thinking about possible lessons and activities I could do with my first child when I was pregnant. My mother thought I was nuts when I told her I was thinking up lesson plans being that I was only about 6 months along at the time. She said, “You won’t have time for that and you’ll be too exhausted anyway”. Despite my mother’s predictions, I found that I did have the time and energy to do the music activities I had planned and I found that music time with my children was so engaging and enjoyable for both of us. They would smile, laugh and really look at me when we were doing them. I felt like we were really connecting and I was having fun.

You’ll see how easy it is to incorporate a few music activities into your day and your baby’s brain will be growing a mile a minute as you do them. The time you invest now into learning how to give your children real music instruction will benefit all your children and hopefully they will be able to do even more with your future grandchildren. I found nothing on the market that actually taught real music instruction and it isn’t something a DVD or CD can do anyway. You, the parent has to give this to your baby one on one and the benefits will be enormous for both of you.

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