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Why a Toddler Is Just Like a Drunk College Frat Bro!

No matter how many times you try to push them away, they always want to stick their face right in your crotch. 

They throw food and drinks on the floor when they are excited or pissed off. 

They point to things they want and grunt. 

They stumble around and yell when people are trying to sleep. 

When they see boobies they reach up and make the “gimmie” sign. 

They just peed their pants and they could care less. 

They like to point out the obvious and yell it at the top of their lungs. “Dog!” “Car!” “Food!” “Boobies!” 

They walk around tugging at their junk all day. 

They babble incoherently and laugh at God knows what. 

They will go all day with food on their shirt, food on their face and food in their hair. 

They strongly object to any sort of bath, shower, toothbrush, hair brush, wardrobe change, vegetable. 

They are easily distracted and can be bought with junk food snacks, sugar drinks, toys that make noise and boobies.

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