Will This Go with My Tiara?

by admin

Will This Go with My Tiara?

I have a beautiful little girl, inside and out. She has a joy of life that is so contagious you can’t imagine. Christmas of 2007 she received a Barbie game that came with a tiara. This little girl wore that tiara everyday for five months. It was the first thing she would put on in the morning and the last thing she would do before bed was to put it on her bedside stand. It was a pleasure to watch someone do the same thing I have done all of my life with my glasses, except with something she loved. She wouldn’t wear the tiara out of pride or to show off or any possible reason other than she loved it and it made her happy. 

Everyone who loves her knew that about her. Seeing her was a joy, seeing her in the tiara was even more so. One day we were out grocery shopping and she made a simple request for cereal, since we had a coupon, we could buy exactly what she wanted. She put it in the cart, she put it on the check out belt. She told the check out lady that she picked it out and that she was going to pay (with the coupon). When we had breakfast the next day she had that cereal, and everyday thereafter until it was gone. There was a watch as a prize in the cereal and she carefully took it out of her cereal bowl. She asked me very politely to open it. I handed it back to her and she put it on her wrist with a great big smile on her face. She said it was beautiful and asked how to tell time with it. 

That night when I tucked her in she carefully took off the tiara and the watch and put them next to each other on her bedside stand. She quietly asked me if the watch went with her tiara. I was surprised by the question and asked her one: “Did she like them both?”, she immediately answered yes. My response was to tell her that of course they went together. She said that she knew, and was just making sure that I did too. And she wore both the tiara and the watch everyday until she started kindergarten in the fall.