Wine, It’s What’s for Dessert

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Wine, It’s What’s for Dessert

I could lie and say dinner at our house is a well-orchestrated Martha Stewart event, but I often end up fixing the girls a plate before the hubby and I sit down to eat. His office closes at 6 o’clock and by the time he gets home some nights the girls are badgering me to the point of insanity with “I’m hungrys!” and I catch them sneaking leftover Easter candy, which, like bunnies, apparently multiplies while we’re sleeping. At this rate, they’ll be eating mini chocolate eggs in August.

Last week we had one of those nights. My peaceful family meal timing, as if I have such a thing, was impeccable. The girls finished dinner just as the hubby and I were sitting down to eat.

Miss A: Mommmmmmmmy, mayIpleezebescusedpleeze?
Yes baby.

Five seconds later:
Miss A: Mommmmmmmmy, can I have dessert?
Yes, but Mommy and Daddy are eating dinner now, OK? You need to wait until we’re finished eating.

Five seconds later:
Miss A: Mommmmmmmmy, can I have dessert now?
Mommy and Daddy are eating dinner. Wait until we’re finished eating.

Ten seconds later:
Miss A: Mommmmmmy, I want dessert!
Mommy and Daddy ARE STILL EATING. You need to wait a few more minutes, OK?

Things were rapidly devolving into the dinnertime equivalent of “Are we there yet?” Miss C, however, was quiet the entire time as she was sucked into the black hole known as the Disney Channel.

The hubby and I finished eating, or I should say I finished eating because years of multitasking in the kitchen has trained me to feed myself first so I have enough energy to pour myself a glass of wine.

OK, who wants a special root beer float made by Daddy?! I’m setting out the ice cream now!

Miss A: Mommmmmmmy, I don’t want a root beer float.

Two seconds later:
Miss A: What’s a root beer float?


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