Wisdom in Small Packages

by admin

Wisdom in Small Packages

I love playing and talking with my grandchildren and sometimes I’m surprised at the things they understand. The questions they ask sometimes are humorous as well as serious. I’ve been asked, Where do babies come from? Where do you go when you die? Sometimes we joke around so I can make them lose their thought of mind, well it never happens. The five years old always comes directly back to the point of start. And needless to say she never quits. A conversation came up about Haiti, she wanted to know what’s going to happen with all the children that lost parents?

Who’s going to care for those children? Where will they live? I could plainly see this disturbed her greatly. She had some money her nanny had given her for Christmas it was all in nickels. Quarters, dimes, and pennies. She was eager to count it and see if she had enough to help out.

She wanted to send what she had as a love offering. I asked her, “Who taught you about a love offering?” She replied, “I learned it at church Granny. Remember, we took up a love offering at church for a person that was sick?” I remembered the Sunday, she was only four but she could remember in great detail and she remembered where and who we took it too. I felt a overwhelming sense of gratitude that my little ones are actually paying attention and growing up to love and respect life. When Mykhia started preparing her money for the children Michael, asked could he send some also? I was so proud. Mykhia looked at me with the most beautiful smile and said, “We can do all things thru Christ which strengthens us.” Michael wanted to know if we could possibly foster or adopt a child. I asked Michael and Mykhia to pray on it and let’s wait for God’s answer.

My husband reassured them that whatever God answers is, we must accept it. If we happen to get a child from Haiti we are going to praise God. And, if we do not we’re still going to praise God. But I’m also praying hard with them that God see fit to let us have one of those precious little souls, that probably never heard the words I love before. All we desire to do is love and shower that child in those words we love you and God does too.