Wise Children

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Wise Children

My partner left me a few years ago and “disappeared.” I had a two-year-old son and an eleven year old daughter. The agencies put in place to find the errant father have thus far been unsuccessful so I have not received any child support in six years! He left us in an old run down house which he was going to develop. I decided to try and develop it on my own but as a single mother I could not get the financial back up needed from the bank. I struggled on but as interest rates rose, my mortgage payments had gone up an extra £500 per month and I just couldn’t keep up.

My children and I went without heating and hot water for six months and although I tried, I just couldn’t find a buyer for the place. It has seven beds, five baths, and seven acres of land. 

A few days ago, I was taken to court by the mortgage company and the judge ordered our eviction by January 14, 2008. We were obviously shocked (I owe 26,000), and did not think we would be evicted. It is my little boy’s birthday soon (8th), and he told me if I made him a nice card that he won’t mind not getting any gifts!

My daughter (just sixteen), told me that I had been the best mum and dad in the world and that even though we are soon to be homeless, I had done better than any two parents could, and that I should not be sad because the only thing we are losing is bricks and mortar, and the love we have for each other will remain with us no matter where we live!

I felt very “humbled” by such wise and kind words from such young children and I just wanted you all to know that if we listen to our young people, they have often got very valuable information to pass on.