A Wish

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A Wish

A not so happy ever after ending kind of story, but sometimes the truth needs to be told. And having knowledge is powerful yet can be helpful to many, so their heart doesn’t get broken like mine did. This is not your average story, but meaningful. Like most happy stories begin, two people met, fell in love and decided to start a life together for happy ever after. Now they wanted a baby so much that they went to all lengths to have a beautiful bundle of joy in their lives, but only one of them could carry the baby. They flew to Argentina to have in vitro done, and thank the havens above it worked. Their little bundle of joy was arriving in nine months. A beautiful baby girl was born, full of life. Now her mother decided to go back to school and get her master’s degree, her other mother took care of their child during this time. A few years after she got out of school, she decided that their relationship was over and wanted to part ways. Now after a short time had passed, the mother decided to not let the other mother see the child anymore, how the child’s heart broke. The second mother now has to take the mother that gave birth to the child to court, in order to get to have visitation rights to see her child. Just because you don’t give birth to a child does not mean you are not a parent or mother to the child or the love you have for your child you raised. It was a long battle which I lost, according to the laws in which they do not seem to take in account the love and feelings a child has or must go through the lost of a parent. I never get to see my child or speak to her any longer; it has been a very long and empty path. What I am putting out there is that if you are gay in a relationship and decide to have a child, Please, Please, when the child is born get joint custody. Had I know this then, I wouldn’t have lost in court. I am trying to save another parent and child the heartache both myself and my child had to feel. I know and feel that one day in the future, my wish is to one day get to see her again, and hope that there is a small part in her heart that will remember her Mimi, and the love I will always have for her.

To my baby girl,

Mimi loves you!

By: Cheryl “Cheerio” Alfonso