Woman Obsessed with Having Children

by Lovely Soul

Woman Obsessed with Having Children

For starter I would like to write about current events.


In the past few days, I have been hearing developing stories about this woman who gave birth to eight babies here in Southern California.


Recenlty, on ABC World News with Charles Gibson, there is a segment where in the “ethical issues” was put into question. Could it have been prevented? Did the medical field go to far as it was deemed to be interpreted as “malpractice.”


They presented so called guidelines for a thirty-three-year-old woman not being implanted more than two embryos.


Could it be that the medical field, who treated this woman, had disregarded the dangers given that this woman had already given birth to six children prior to this in vitro implantation?


My nagging concerns are that, although this was accepted as a glorious event, the first time I heard it from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. However, as days goes by, I started to stop and think about how in the world does woman who is unmarried, still living with her parents, who already has six babies at home, get treatment for fertility? Why does she need such treatment? Why doesn’t one in the medical field ever suggest or at least refer this obsessed woman to counseling?


On the financial side, given the fact that she is single and does not have her own home for her fourteen children.


Did she ever stop and prepare for the astronomical expense lurking from the wayside? Who paid for her fertility treatment? Her parents’ home is already in foreclosure. Where in the world will they get the money to support the daily expenses on food, clothing, diaper, shoes, blankets, toys, car seats, strollers, and so forth and so forth? Not to mention ongoing medical and doctor visit expenses.


They could easily say it is none of our business, but mind you, this will be a burden on taxpayers. The day this irresponsible mother apply for public assistance, it becomes our business.


Now, let’s get back to the so-called “medical professionals” who are part of this embryo implantation.
It appears that they have totally and completely shut their eyes on the long-term repercussion of this experiment.


They probably wanted to gain fame given the fact they called the media to announce the birth of the octuplet. The name of the facility was proudly displayed behind the doctors. There was a group picture of everyone who was involved in the delivery and it was on YouTube to reach a global audience.


When the mother and her eight babies are finally sent home, the dust will never settle. Who will assist this poor woman in feeding, constant changing of diapers, sterilizing the feeding bottles? Do you think the elderly grandparents are up for the job? They already has six little kids on their hands. The plate is already full and overflowing. What if there are medical emergencies? The mother will escort the baby to the hospital, does she has someone on standby twenty-four/seven to watch the remaining thirteen?


My concerns and questions are endless. Someone has failed to use common sense. I can only guess that the mother who was labeled as “being obsessed with having babies” was misguided by the medical field who should have use better judgment. That is the primary reason as to why we look up to these professionals for treatment, good advice, and counseling. But if these so called professionals becomes intoxicated with fame along with the facility who condoned such experimentations then, it is only fair to have them pay CHILD SUPPORT for these octuplets starting now and until they reach majority age.


Putting all the blame on the thirty-three-year-old mother won’t help. No matter how obsessed she was, in my mind, she could not have implanted those embryos inside her uterus alone.


The medical professionals should have been more astute as well as competent in following the ethical guidelines of this procedure. Therefore they are all responsible in seeing that these babies are well provided through their growing years. You brought these innocent children into this world, then, be responsible in taking care of them. Don’t put the burden on the taxpayers.