Words from the Heart

by admin

Words from the Heart

Why are you using unclean language? You know what I mean. Inappropriate texting, abbreviations, and straight out cussing?

Stop worrying about whether pork or shrimps is okay to eat.

The scripture says, “There is nothing from without a man that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.” Mark 8:15 KJV

“But those things which proceed our of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.” Matthew 15:18

I struggle with my own stepdaughter’s language both on Facebook and when overhearing her conversations with friends. Oh yes I did. I just confessed a failing of mine. But last night at a leadership meeting our Pastor admonished the leaders to be mindful of what their children are writing on Facebook. Unfortunately, I am blocked from reading what is written. I am actually happy that I am blocked because I have no influence, at this time, in the language that she uses. I can only pray for her and ask the Lord to guide her choice of words. 

But if your child is under your influence keep after them to clean up their language. It may be cool for them to use it amongst their friends; if that’s the case, they need to get new friends. Let’s be honest, some of the children who are part of “the” church, not all, may have stepped outside of what the Lord will for their lives. They are experimenting with sex, drugs, alcohol, and unclean language. If you have no control; pray for them. Be specific in your prayer.

I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for myself. I grew up in Canaan Baptist Church under great preachers and teachers. I left the church when I was twenty. I did not have the consistent Godly influence, between Monday through Saturday, that spoke to me about what I was doing. Nobody cared. My parents loved me but they were living self-centered lives. Their lives revolved around making a living to pay the bills and find their pleasures where they could. Now by pleasures I mean hobbies and friendships among people in their own social set, which did not include their five children. A lot of our parents are doing that even today. Today’s hardships limit their vision and how they use their time. They only see the struggles they face from day to day; and don’t make time to oversee their children.

I am asking each and everyone whether you have a child or not to pray for them. To pray for a Youth Revival that they will want to stay in church when they reach 18 years old. There are children now all over just waiting for that magic age to graduate from high school; go on to college and stop going to church.

Pray for them and pray for me that I may continue to be obedient and live an intentional life where I can share the gifts that the Lord has given me. The words that come out of my mouth come directly from my heart; and I have a heart for Jesus.