Worker Queen Bee Mum

by admin

Worker Queen Bee Mum

A mother is a treasure, many of us would agree, and so she is a Queen of sorts in our lives and perhaps that is why many mothers from times past and present struggle to ensure the well being of their children, thus toiling to make ends meet.

True, a man has a role as a father but when it comes to changing diapers, breast feeding, hygiene, feeding, taming, and nurturing, the mother takes the upper hand. Thus it is not unusual for the blame of a child turned out to be bad being on the mother. It sounds unfair but reality is that right from the womb the mother has a big impact on what a child is to become. A drunken substance abusing mother may as well give birth to an intoxicated child or even groom a drunken substance abusing child.

So daily all around the world women graduate into motherhood and increased responsibility. A real life experience of a working woman with babies at home is one challenge in itself. Some women longing to breast feed their “littlelans” have to skip from office from time to time. Others have to strap them on the back all day long will tilling the ground. Most juggle losing a job or an opportunity each day by cutting off a day to look after a sick child or risk going to work with a guilt conscious of things gone bad at home and this is a stressing factor.

Normally a Queen Bee is meant to be pampered and fed. But in the case of the typical moral human mother, she only is Queen because of who she is in the stride of reproduction and nurturing, yet a sweat-creature working out child, family, home, and livelihood occupations.

In Africa a woman is compared to a donkey that is a beast of burden but the same exists for Asia where women comprise of the least paid work force and in Europe where women also stand a poverty risk and yet have the child responsibility to cater for alongside work toil.