Workin’ From Home Mom Blues

by admin

Here’s a little ditty as I channel the blues singer deep inside my white girl, thinks she’s a good dancer after a glass of cheap wine, likes to belt out cheesie top 40 songs in the car soul.

Since I had my second baby, I try to get things done,
But I’d rather sit and play with her ‘cause she is so much fun.
Oh I’ve got the mama’s on a deadline, gotta take a call from an uppity client and put on my professional voice workin’ mom blues.

The dirty dishes and the laundry, the neurotic dog that won’t shut the hell up,
The runny nose and dirty diapers, well they just won’t let up.
Oh I’ve got the mama’s trying to be productive, gotta stop reading blogs and check work e-mail workin’ mom blues.

My husband works long hours, he likes a nice hot meal,
But I never made it to the grocery so he’ll just have to deal.
Oh I’ve got the mama used to be organized but it’s tough to juggle the errands, kids and gourmet meals so she’s gonna dial Domino’s workin’ mom blues.

The hubby needs some lovin’, and mama could use some too,
But I haven’t shaved my legs this week and the house looks like a zoo.
We’ve got the mama and daddy need to plan a Caribbean getaway, poolside, greased up with SPF 45, margarita in each hand, workin’ mom and dad blues.