You Can Call Me…

by admin

You Can Call Me…

One of the greatest blessings of a second marriage is the opportunity to know and love so many people you might never have had the chance to. My spouse has a large family of children, grandchildren, and now — wait for it — a great-grandchild on the way!

I don’t know which of us is more excited, the GGF-to-be or me! The newest addition to my husband’s progeny will be making her great-grand entrance in about a month and she’s already melted the hearts of at least three generations of folks. Babies can do that. Melt hearts. From the moment I heard of her mine was a puddle.

I went to baby-to-be’s shower this weekend and was thrilled to see a house jam-packed with family ready to support and adore this child. There were aunts and cousins and greats and grands and steps and halves and relatives of all nature and form – all lining up with full hearts and well wishes.

As I watched the festivities I was reminded just how miraculous babies are. They bring people together and bring out the best in them. No matter the foibles and failures of the parent people, babies have pretty much got it going on. I think they co-opt the very best of their gene pool and come out better than either version of their folks. It’s like the original human recipe gets a little more perfected with each new batch.

I think it is so neat that my husband’s DNA is running around in the corpuscles and genomes of a brand new being. I kind of wish I could take a little of the credit with this miracle in the making. I watch kind of misty from afar over the wonder of it all and feel a little wistful. Or wishful. Or both.

I sort of want my attachment to this fresh humanette to be official, you know – be able to bandy about a title that proclaims to the world I am related to this production-in-progress. But in these times of families so mixed and blended we’re all human smoothies, there aren’t enough names to adequately describe every conceivable relation. “Yes, I’m the other-half-step-great-grand-fairygodmother-on-her-father’s-side-once removed.”

And maybe that’s okay.

Maybe we don’t have to label every relationship for them to have an impact. Perhaps we don’t have to identify and clarify our respective connection to another soul — only to make one. A strong, deep, and abiding one.

Yep, my husband’s granddaughter is having a baby! That makes me a …

…very happy chick!