Your Body Type is the SECRET to Looking Great Pregnant!

by Michelle Moss

Your Body Type is the SECRET to Looking Great Pregnant!

When you think about it, we all have a specific “look” to our bodies. Whether it’s an apple, pear, celery or cauliflower we all carry weight in different places on our body. Whether it’s your hips, tummy, legs, arms or all over, this “appearance” determines your BODY TYPE. And not only does your body type determine what you look like, it also determines what kinds of foods you crave.


Once you understanding your BODY TYPE you’re well on your way to looking FABULOUS during your pregnancy and beyond because you can then modify the eating and exercises you do so it works WITH, not AGAINST your BODY TYPE.


Body Type Basics


There are really 4 body types for women:
1. Apple
2. Pear
3. Celery
4. Cauliflower


Today we’re going to specifically look at the “APPLE” body type.


• Carries weight around her middle;
• Has a strong, thickset skeletal frame with broad shoulders, a large rib cage, narrow hips and muscular limbs;
• Typically builds muscle easily; and
• Tends to love meat/protein.


Dear Michelle,
Thank you for your book. I have been looking for something like this!
I started this pregnancy with about 10 – 12 lbs of extra weight and I’m an Apple/Celery body type who is 5’2”. You can see how the potential to look like a walking basketball does exist. I’m wondering what the few KEY exercises are that I can do that will keep shape and definition in my arms and legs (since the rest of me will be rather like a circle)? Thanks!
Gwen Evans (14 Weeks Pregnant)
Virginia, USA
My Opinion:


Hi Gwen – thanks for your feedback on my book – I can TELL you’re a fast learner!


Being an Apple/Celery body type is not all bad – it means you carry your weight around your middle, rather than around your hips – like over 50% of us women do! In fact, the apple body type is featured in many of the fitness magazines.


The good news is that you don’t have to worry about putting on weight on your LEGS! Apple pregnant women very rarely gain weight on their legs (very different from us Pear pregnant women!).


Apple body types generally gain weight around their middle and upper body – so I understand your dilemma on feeling round. I want you to know though, that things DO get easier. The further along you get in your pregnancy; the more your tummy will take shape and you WILL start looking and feeling more “pregnant” rather than just fat/round – so be patient!


As an Apple/Celery – you definitely want to work on toning your arms, not building! So, focus on high repetitions and medium weights.


One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when Apple’s don’t use the correct form when they’re lifting weights (i.e. taking it all into their shoulders), they tend to bulk up around the neck – so don’t do this! If you’re not sure about how to do the exercises right, ask!


Here are SPECIFIC exercises you can do for SHAPING and TONING your arms and legs (make sure to get your doctor’s OKAY beforehand!):


• Tricep Dips – (easy to moderate difficulty) sit on the side of a bench or ledge, place your hands on the bench beside you, fingers forward, take your bum off the bench and dip down and back up.


• Wall/Kneeling Pushups (easy to difficult) – for the wall pushup, stand a foot away from the wall, lean forward and put your hands against the wall at chest height, shoulder width apart. Take your nose toward the wall (don’t stick your bum out!) and then push back out again.


For kneeling pushups, kneel on the ground, put your hands out in front of you, below your shoulders. With your bum tucked under, take your nose slowly down to the floor (do NOT lift your bum up!) and push back up again. This exercise will have to be modified as your tummy grows!


• Stationary Lunges (moderate difficulty) – stand with your feet together, step one leg forward (big step), hold on to a wall or railing, dip down to the floor, keeping your front knee over your front ankle, and come back up again (do NOT let your knee go further out than your front toes!).


NOTE: When you’re doing ANY exercise (even housecleaning!!), it’s important to NOT feel any kind of sharp pain in your abdominal area. If you do, discontinue immediately and call your doctor/ healthcare provider!
What else can I do for my “Apple” BODY TYPE?


Lots of cardio! Walk, walk, and walk. Swimming, cycling and prenatal aerobics are also good exercises.
Because Apples tend to bulk up quickly on their upper bodies, concentrate more on moving your major muscles – such as your legs.


What should an “Apple” Eat?


Concentrate on having LOTS of vegetables (steamed, stir fried, or raw) and eating less protein (of course only if you’re eating lots to begin with!).


If you’re suffering from morning sickness or you can’t stomach what I’ve recommended, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! Just do your best for the time being and when you feel better, you can start to eat and exercise more efficiently for your body type!