You’re My Number One

by admin

You’re My Number One

You’re the most precious one in the world;
Like a beautiful sunlight that shines in the morning.
Your worth is immeasurable;
Like a big wave in the ocean, so splendid and untouchable.

Your love keeps nurturing me;
It’s like a stream that continuously flowing in my veins.
You conceive me with full of compassion;
Nine roughly and heavy months has never been a burden to you.

You are always there when I’m sick ;
Your loving hands are more than a medicine.
It caresses my weariness and it gives me comfort;
You are my Hero, my Teacher and my best friend.

I love you Mom, a word I barely say, but deep within me;
No words can define how much I love you so.
I promise I will never leave you, I will take care of you;
And give back the love that a number one mom should have.