You’re Pregnant? I Never Knew!

by admin

You’re Pregnant? I Never Knew!

So, I am thirty-seven weeks pregnant with my third child, and all throughout my entire pregnancy all I have heard is just how much I don’t look pregnant. Just what every expecting mom wants to hear. Finally, though, for about the last month or so, I have really rounded out and my belly is obviously that of a pregnant woman’s. 

Would you believe last week I had about half a dozen people tell me they never would have guessed that I was having a baby! Well, what did you think, I wanted to ask them! One woman actually said to me, “Well, when I saw you stand up, I thought ‘oh, she’s putting on a little weight.’” 

“Just forty-five pounds or so.” I replied to her (disgusted). Are people oblivious to what a pregnant woman looks like? Let me tell you, this has given me quite the complex. Little heads up for everyone out there, don’t ever tell a pregnant woman she does not look “big” enough. You spend nine months feeling fat, this is the last thing you want to hear. Not to mention, the amount of time I have spent worrying if my baby is growing well enough (although my doctor assures me he/she is). If there is ever a number four in our family, I’m not telling anyone but my husband for at least seven months!!!