You’ve Never Seen a Quaz Before!

by admin

You’ve Never Seen a Quaz Before!

He is a daring little boy. He loves to watch movies about break dancing and always has. At an early age, maybe at eighteen months old or so, he would get up, lean over, throw his feet up in the air and spin on his head! Of course, as every mother would, I’d say, “Stop that! You’re gonna break your neck!” Thank goodness he never did … but he sure would scare me. There was no stopping him. Even now, he loves to entertain.

Quaz always had a knack for making your heart melt. He has the cutest dimples and the most innocent eyes. When he looks at you, your heart just melts. But you’ve never seen a Quaz before. He is something else. He’s always ready for a challenge, and isn’t afraid to show it. Thinks he can take on the world, and won’t back down from anything. So I’ve had to spend a lot of time with him readjusting his thinking. It’s taking some time, but I got to stay on him.

He’s fearless! Case in point. He is the youngest of my four children. Every morning, I have to convince him that the world can not revolve if he doesn’t reveal his dimples. You see, Quaz is not a morning person. When his oldest brother wakes him up in the morning, it is the beginning of another world war. At last count, I was on war number 750 … yeah, it’s that bad; kicking and screaming … yelling … it’s only after I threaten to go up the stairs to his room that there is a reprieve … that is, until the next morning. Then the war starts all over again … and the persuasion to show his dimples continue …

He is his mother’s and his father’s child. I am the cool, calm, collected one. His Dad? Let’s just say, “when he gets mad, he really gets mad!” (Thanks Juice for that most memorial quote.) Quaz is one of the most adored children in the classroom, the school even … by the adults. He is feared by the children his age, and the older children think he is NUTS! Why? Because he threatens to beat up the sixth graders in the school, and he’s only in kindergarten! (Where did I go wrong?) He challenged his uncle (who stands six feet three inches tall, and isn’t a lightweight) to a fight … and believes he can win! All I can do is shake my head, and let him know that Mommy will NEVER lose, and he better know that!

So, Horton might hear a who, Dorothy never REALLY made it to Oz, and you’ve never seen a Quaz before. Sounds like a hit, right? Well, it’s a work in progress. Stay tuned! The sequel is coming soon!