20 Celebs That Embody Scorpio, The Most Fierce AF Zodiac Sign

by Maria Azua

20 Celebs That Embody Scorpio, The Most Fierce AF Zodiac Sign

Don’t you just love passionate people? Scorpios are some of the most dedicated, outspoken, and dynamic souls out there, and we’ve been lucky to find that so many of our favorite celebs fall under the star sign. Here are 20 celebrities who have some of the best qualities of being a Scorpio.


Willow Smith



Willow Smith might have some incredibly famous parents — but she’s grown to become an influential young woman all on her own. Thanks to her independent and passionate qualities, she’s been able to partake in amazing luxury fashion campaigns while committing herself to activism, art, and music.


Bethany Mota



YouTube sensation Bethany Mota never sits still. She was a memorable contestant on Dancing with the Stars, has a music career in the works, and let’s not forget that incredible collection with Aéropostale we couldn’t stop buying. As a very focused overachiever who is great at concentrating on her desires — she represents the ideal Scorpio.


Kendall Jenner



We know a lot about Kendall Jenner — so much that we feel like we know her personally. Although she’s a super busy model, reality show star, and fashion designer, you’ll remember Kendall for her charisma and appeal. She is also very defensive about her family and is always there for them throughout every scandal and bad headline. Fun fact: Her hot momma Kris Jenner is also a Scorpio.





Rapper Drake is always full of surprises, and we just can’t get enough of them. As a social butterfly, he loves working in groups or in collaborations with other artists but often prefers solo projects due to his dominating personality.


David Schwimmer



Good guy David Schwimmer is one of our favorite celebrities. Not only are his ideas about love on-point, but he’s low-key and efficient — great qualities to look for in that long-term boyfriend you’ve been dreaming out.


Leonardo DiCaprio



The super-talented Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have it all under control: good lucks, distinguished awards, and respect among the activist community. But like many Scorpios, he has a dark side. Although he’s always in the public eye, there’s probably a few hidden secrets we’ll never know about.


Gabrielle Union



Gabrielle Union is a total bombshell in the entertainment industry. But she’s also fresh, fun and incredibly relatable. Her smile and personality shine brighter than fire, like a true Scorpio.


Winona Ryder



Winona Ryder is a natural beauty and style icon. Because people tend to remember her memorable slips and fails (re: that infamous shoplifting incident) she has a vulnerable personality and doesn’t let her guard down too easily. If you really want to get to know a Scorpio, you’ll have to invest in some great time and effort.


Julia Roberts



Julia Roberts is a total beauty, and her bright eyes, famous smile, talent, and captivating aura make her an ultimate A-list star. But her intuitive nature and friendliness make her especially attractive. You’d be lucky to have one of these determined Scorpio ladies in your squad.


Anne Hathaway



Our favorite ex-princess, Anne Hathaway is strong-minded and determined. Scorpios have an “in or out” mentality and can’t stand being kept in the dark about that night’s dinner plans or not knowing how things will end up in the future. The upside? You can usually rely on them to take charge when necessary.


Hillary Clinton



Despite how you feel about this year’s election or its candidates, you have to admit that it’s been fun to see so many celebrities and women supporting Hillary Clinton. Her magnetic nature and strong demeanor are things all women can aspire to have in their own lives.


Ryan Gosling



Although Scorpios are known for being fierce and passionate, they also have a quiet romantic side that can only be brought out by that one person. Sadly, Ryan Gosling is already taken, but we’d like to think his goofy but loving qualities are firing up in another Scorpio bae.


Scarlett Johannsen



Scarlett Johannson dominates every big screen role and red carpet event, which takes some serious guts! Scorpio suns like Scarlett can easily adapt to different environments without too much trouble. They can smile through tough situations because of their resourceful personalities.


Penn Badgley



Penn Badgley leans toward being a bit neurotic post-Gossip Girl. But he tells it how it is and doesn’t feel the need to sugarcoat anything. If you ask for a Scorpio’s opinion about something, be prepared to hear the truth nothing but the truth.


Alexa Chung



Style maven Alexa Chung seems sweet and approachable but she’s a force to be reckoned with. You don’t want to go picking a fight with someone who falls under the star sign since they can be surprisingly strong in both debate and physical strength.


Katy Perry



When it comes to fierce personalities, it doesn’t get any better than Katy Perry. Even with a bubbly and jubilant personality, she’s had her fair share of wild feuds, but she’s always looking forward and remains focused on the task at hand. We hope that includes writing even more hit songs for us to jam out to.


Sean “Diddy” Combs



Sean Combs‘ success can be attributed to his determination and talent, but being intuitive probably had a lot to do with it as well. You’ve gotta be a good judge of character if you’re going to work in the music and entertainment industry.


Tracy Morgan



Comedian Tracy Morgan has always been there to give us a few laughs after a lousy date night. As someone who had to endure many auditions and casting calls during the early days of his career, it was important for Morgan to be persistent, determined and well… the rest is history.





Songstress Adele has written some of our favorite tear-jerking songs, and those lyrics that make millions of people swoon had to come from deep within her experiences. Like other fiery souls, Adele is genuine and is definitely not someone you’d want to lie to.


Owen Wilson



We may think we have actor Owen Wilson figured out with his surfer-esque good looks and laid back personality. But his difficult past indicates that the planets often throw surprising things on a Scorpio’s path. We’re not too worried, though. These passionate souls always find a way to bounce back and come out even stronger.