12 Thoughtful Gifts for the Virgo in Your Life

by Caroline Harris

12 Thoughtful Gifts for the Virgo in Your Life
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Do you know someone who says that their biggest weakness is perfectionism? They’re probably a Virgo (born August 23 to September 22). Virgos are the biggest perfectionists in the zodiac and, like most perfectionists, they’re methodical, detail-oriented, and pragmatic. But shopping for a Virgo sign can be daunting because you don’t want your gift to fall short of, well, perfection. 


These earth signs are governed by Mercury and symbolized by the goddess of wheat. Down-to-earth and loving, they make great friends and lovers. Since Virgos are overachievers, they love to plan and meticulously check every item off their to-do lists. Many enjoy plotting out the details of their day, whether that’s with a color-coded planner or a habit tracker. They are enthusiastic about organizing, so stationery and organizational supplies are amazing gifts for Virgos.


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Many astrology lovers consider organizing expert Marie Kondo (author of The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up) a typical Virgo personality, even though she’s actually a Libra. Famous Virgos include Beyoncé, Zendaya, Pink, Cameron Diaz, Nick Jonas, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne.


Make no mistake: Virgos aren’t all work and no play. In their downtime, they enjoy wellness, self-care, and at-home beauty treatments. People with the Virgo astrological sign enjoy staying busy by filling their weekends with activities like board games and puzzles. As friends, they are known to be honest, nurturing, and trust-worthy. As lovers, Virgos are grounded and modest. They take time before entering new relationships, but once committed, Virgos make dedicated and compassionate companions.


Below, shop the best Virgo gifts, from cozy pajama sets to adorable journals. You don’t have to wait for Virgo season to surprise someone special with these gifts.


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Halogen Cap Sleeve Blouse


Since Virgos are earth signs, they often gravitate toward earth tones. This boxy, rust-colored blouse is sure to make your Virgo smile with its fun pattern and airy feel.

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Modern Sprout Chamomile Indoor Garden Kit


Gardening kits are a natural choice for Virgos—their sign is associated with the harvest, after all. This kit contains organic chamomile seeds, plant food, and a stainless steel pot for growing chamomile at home. Since chamomile can reduce anxiety and improve sleep, the herb will soothe a Virgo after a long day of over-achieving.

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Fox Journal


How cute is this journal? The cover is emblazoned with foxes and flowers to lift a Virgo’s spirit. There are four color-coded sections for constant note-taking and planning, plus the format is crisp with 140 lined pages neatly divided into categories.

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Crush Goals Cards


This set includes 40 cards with motivational quotes from writers like Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame. Since Virgos can be workaholics, these cards will keep your Virgo inspired as they work their way to the top. The kit comes with a mini stand, so they can keep the cards on their desk for a daily dose of positivity.

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Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller


Virgos work hard, so remind the Virgo in your life to take a much-needed break for self-care. This skincare tool, which promotes blood flow and helps prevent wrinkles when massaged over the face, can help. You can supplement this gift with cozy slippers and sheet masks to continue the self-love theme.

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Recover Wine iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Case


This creative iPhone case is modeled after a tarot card, with playful cat, wine, and cloud detailing. Virgos are often glued to their phones (how else can they track upcoming appointments and meetings?), so this cute case will get lots of love.

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Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pen Set


When Virgos are stressed, they like channeling that nervous energy into making plans‚ and these pretty pens are perfect for the job. There are 30 fine-tipped pens in vibrant shades so your Virgo can highlight the most important details.

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Flora Nikrooz Harbor Pajamas


Odds are the Virgo you know has lots of late nights and early mornings. This lightweight pajama set is so dreamy, with lace paneling and a breezy fit for added comfort. The next time your Virgo is up late perfecting a work presentation, they can feel cozy in this pajama set.

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Argento Vivo Zodiac Pendant Necklace in Virgo


Does your favorite Virgo love astrology? Buy them this Virgo necklace so they can represent their sign. The style comes in 18k gold and has dainty details of wheat and stars.

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Getaway Jewelry Organizer in Sunshine Super Bloom


This jewelry organizer is a perfect present for organization-loving Virgos. They can carefully consolidate their rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry in the designated compartments. Plus, the organizer zips shut for easy storing and has a cheery sunshine print.

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Kate Spade Reflecting Pool Mini Round Studs Earrings


The Virgo gemstone is blue sapphire, so these beautiful earrings would make a lovely gift for a Virgo. These studs are loved by reviewers, who say they’re “the perfect size” and “super comfortable.”

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Zodiac Signs Virgo Long Sleeve Tee


With its bold, graphic print and lightweight feel, this Virgo shirt is great for showing some zodiac pride. Complete the laid-back look with leggings or a pair of dad jeans.