The Best Temporary Zodiac Tattoos To Try Before Taking The Permanent Plunge

by Sidney Burds

The Best Temporary Zodiac Tattoos To Try Before Taking The Permanent Plunge

Is your daily horoscope the first thing you read upon waking up every morning? Do you look to the cosmos to predict the events happening in your life? Do you choose your love interests according to their Zodiac sign’s compatibility with your own? If you answered yes to all of the above, you might be an astro addict. While you probably already have some astrology themed jewelry and beauty products, now’s the time to try something a little more “skin deep.” 


When it comes to tattoos, people usually get permanent artwork to show off their personal interests or hobbies. But as far as trends go, celestial tattoos are super in right now, with both zodiac aficionados and amateur star-gazers getting their signs inked.


If you’re thinking about getting a tat, but want to take the idea for a test run first, temporary tattoos are the way to go. They’re inexpensive, pretty — and most importantly — removable! Find your sign and scroll down for the best temporary tattoos that you can try before getting the real thing.



Earth Sign Tattoos

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo


As your element implies, these signs are all very down to Earth. A dependable and trustworthy sign, you are “grounded” and form a solid foundation for those around you. Since you’re the slow and steady type, a temporary tattoo of your sign is an excellent idea for you. It’s one step closer to the real-deal, without getting too ahead of yourselves.


Back shoulder temporary tattoo that says 'Capricorn' in cursive


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Woman modeling several temporary Taurus zodiac sign tattoos


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Virgo side of finger temporary tattoo


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Air Sign Tattoos

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini


Air signs blow where the wind takes you. Unlike the solid earth signs, these peeps are all over the place. Sometimes you can feel yourselves being pulled in different directions with all the ideas coming your way and activities you’re involved in. When it comes to your sign tattoo, you might not be able to decide one image or where to place it. Temporary tattoos of your sign allow you to play with your faux ink’s location, at least until the wind dies down and you find that one sweet spot.


Woman modeling a shoulder Libra constellation temporary tattoo


Get It! Encredelicate Libra Zodiac with Lines Temporary Tattoo, $4.61; etsy.com


Woman modeling a temporary Aquarius shoulder tattoo


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Woman modeling a connected Gemini constellation tattoo


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Water Sign Tattoos

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Your emotions run deep like the ocean, and because of this you’re intuitive, mysterious and ultra-sensitive. Your signs are very creative, so it’s no surprise you want to experiment with body art. That’s why a temporary zodiac tattoo would be ideal for you. Placed it on the base of your neck, but now you want it on your bicep? Just wash it away and apply another like new.


Woman modeling a wrist Cancer zodiac temporary tattoo


Get It! Encredelicate Cancer Zodiac Temp Tattoos, $4.61; etsy.com


Scorpio greeting card and gold foil temporary constellation tattoo


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Woman's back covered in temporary tattoos including a pisces constellation


Get It! Lazy Duo Tattoo Pisces Zodiac Tattoo, $4.85; etsy.com




Fire Sign Tattoos

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Passionate and a touch temperamental, these signs are the most impulsive of the Zodiac. Like a match to a flame, your fire can ignite instantly — but fizzle quickly at times. You probably already have a gallery of work on your body, and perhaps a few you wish you had thought about more carefully. Though you’re nearly one-hundred percent sure you want a permanent Zodiac tattoo, a temporary test run doesn’t hurt.


Milk Makeup Aries sign tattoo stamp


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Woman modeling a back of the neck Leo temporary tattoo


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Woman modeling a bow and arrow Sagittarius sign temporary tattoo


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