This Unique Subscription Box Is Perfect for Self-Care in the Age of Coronavirus

by Caroline Harris

This Unique Subscription Box Is Perfect for Self-Care in the Age of Coronavirus

Image Credits: Mylunarly Instagram

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I am a self-care enthusiast. These days, I’ve been spending lots of time doing yoga under the redwoods (this kind of behavior is encouraged in my home of Northern California) and learning more about astrology. So when I heard about a self-care subscription service called Lunarly, it sounded right up my alley. Lunarly sends care packages with each new moon every month that are chock-full of wellness goodies like houseplants and crystals. Naturally, I was over the moon (no pun intended) when Lunarly offered to send me a sample.


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My Lunarly box ($49.99, lunary.com) arrived within days, instantly brightening my week. The package contained affirmation postcards, Aroma Library Shower Spray, Naturally Vain Radiant Rose Clay, Orange Calcite, and a Golden Pothos. That’s right—Lunarly gifted me my very own plant baby. Will wonders never cease? It felt like my birthday had come early, complete with plenty of wellness treatments for passing time during my coronavirus quarantine.


lunarly monthly subscription box


The Golden Pothos went right on my windowsill next to an elephant statue for me to admire as I brew my morning coffee. Self-care is all about small touches that make your life a little sweeter, and this pretty plant relaxes me during my morning routine. The affirmation postcards (which include motivational mantras like “you are a magnet for creativity and positivity”) have earned a place on my bookshelf, next to the orange calcite crystal, which I’ve come to view as a good luck talisman.


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lunarly monthly subscription box houseplant


Come Friday night, I slipped into a cute pajama set and nestled onto the couch, ready for some pampering. I reached for the rose clay mask that Lunarly sent me, mixing 4 cups of the dry mask with water, per the instructions. I felt pretty cool as I brewed this concoction, channeling the energy of a Venice Beach hippie. I slathered the rose clay all over my face, which hardened into a shell that made my skin feel much smoother afterwards. Rose clay has purifying, hydrating, and anti-aging benefits, and sure enough, my mom has been complimenting me on my soft skin ever since I started using the product.


Next came the aromatherapy shower spray, which I misted into my shower steam for some stress relief. My stress levels are a little higher than usual and I’ve been having vivid apocalypse dreams every night, so I was curious to see if using a soothing shower spray would help. I enjoyed inhaling the calming scents of tea tree and mint as I bathed, and I haven’t had any apocalypse-themed dreams so far this week, so the stress relief spray must have done something.


Before I fall asleep, I either mediate, journal, or read, so I was thrilled that the Lunarly kit included an intention-setting journal ($19.99, lunary.com). The pages are themed around the moon, with guided prompts for self-reflection in response to the lunar phases: new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, etc. Sometimes my thoughts get a little scattered after the end of a long day, so answering questions like “What energy do you want to welcome into your life?” is a great way to focus my journaling.


lunarly monthly subscription box intention setting journal


All in all, I was thrilled with my Lunarly box for lifting my spirits during these tumultuous times. For lovers of astrology, houseplants, and self-care, Lunarly is a great place to turn for care packages you can enjoy all month long. You can sign up for the monthly subscription box starting at $49.99, to enjoy wellness goodies at your doorstep with each new moon, or you can browse Lunarly’s online store for items like gemstone sets ($15.99, lunarly.com) and moon candles ($29.99, lunarly.com).


A Lunarly box would also make an amazing present for an astrology-loving friend because, what could be better than the gift of self-care? Lunarly has options to send a single box or three- and six-month subscriptions as a gift. Treat yourself, your friends, and your family to the Lunarly box for some much-needed rest and relaxation.


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