WTF Are Astrology Decans? Your Zodiac Sign Is Way More Specific Than You Thought

by Jasmine Gordon

WTF Are Astrology Decans? Your Zodiac Sign Is Way More Specific Than You Thought

Discover the 36 zodiac sub-types, or decans, from ancient Egyptian stargazing and what they reveal about your personality type. Whether you consider astrology serious business or a just-for-fun tool for discovering your preferences in the bedroom, read on to learn more.





Aries 1: March 21–March 30



Described as the “newborn baby” of the zodiac, you can’t top this sign’s enthusiasm! Patience may not be their strong suit, but that’s not always a bad thing. You have so much courage and boldness, you’re often leaders, trailblazers, and daring. Sometimes, being first is a great thing—and this a personality with a heck of a lot of bling.


Aries 1 Celebrities:
Reese Witherspoon (March 22), Sarah Jessica Parker (March 25), Keira Knightley (March 26), Lady Gaga (March 28)


Aries 2: March 30–April 8



Few stars in the sky can shine nearly as bright as Aries 2, who is a regal and powerful sign. If you’re born under this sign, you crave freedom and respect. While you may have a tendency to be a little bit pushy, channel that gutsy energy into getting some serious stuff done. Whether you’ve got your mind set on politics or the boardroom, you’ll get there.


Aries 2 Celebrities:
Amanda Bynes (April 3), Robert Downey Jr. (April 4), Candace Cameron-Bure (April 6)


Aries 3: April 9–April 19



Ruled by Venus, Aries 3 carries all the power of the first sign in the Zodiac, with the Taurean power to seduce. You’ve got some serious potential for romance, and nearly boundless energy. Your star power is your whip-sharp wit and way with words–channel these skills into work as a comedian, journalist, therapist, or vlogger, and you’ll be unstoppable!

Aries 3 Celebrities:
Kristen Stewart (April 9), Emma Watson (April 15), Victoria Beckham (April 17)


Taurus 1: April 20–April 30



You’ve probably heard that people born under Taurus can be stubborn? This can be especially true for you. That’s not always a bad thing. You’ve got an inhuman ability to finish what you start and drive results through sheer force of will. The sky is literally your limit, but your remarkable persistence and way with words can make you an excellent coach, teacher, or attorney.

Taurus 1 Celebrities:
Gigi Hadid (April 23), Kelly Clarkson (April 24), Jessica Alba (April 28)


Taurus 2: May 1–May 10



You’re a little dangerous, but I like it. You’re quiet and hide your stubborn aspects well under a thick layer of charm and seduction. People born under this sign are often super popular, but in possession of a particularly loving heart. Awww. Use your charisma and empathy to change the world through advertising, politics, or non-profit work.

Taurus 2 Celebrities:
Bianca Jagger (May 2), Ellie Kemper (May 2), Lily Allen (May 2), Audrey Hepburn (May 4)


Taurus 3: May 11–May 19



You’re a real class act! You’ve got some extreme empathy, but you’re also blessed with an incredible eye for aesthetics. The result is one of the most artistic signs in the zodiac, as well as a remarkable brain for problem-solving. People born under this sign can be referred to as “bohemian,” and may land in the arts or fashion industries. However, your problem-solving abilities would also make you a remarkable engineer.


Taurus 3 Celebrities:
Blac Chyna (May 11), Megan Fox (May 16), Robert Pattinson (May 13)


Gemini 1: May 20–31


Born under Jupiter and Mercury, you’ve got a triple threat of qualities. You’re a natural activist, whip-sharp thinker, and intelligent artist. The result is someone who tirelessly fights for justice, while gaining admiration and fans along the way for their superb intellect. Whatever you do, you’ll do extremely well. Don’t discount your potential for changing the world!


Gemini 1 Celebrities:
Cher (May 20), Jewel (May 23), Lauryn Hill (May 25), La Toya Jackson (May 29)


Gemini 2: June 1–June 11



You’ve never given anything less than 110%. In fact, you probably don’t even know how. Fueled by espresso and the fact that you love nothing more than pushing the envelope, this sign’s challenge is avoiding burnout. You thrive in competition, which gives you the potential to reach the top in anything from sports to science.


Gemini 2 Celebrities:
Angelina Jolie (June 4), Iggy Azalea (June 7), Johnny Depp (June 12), Kendra Wilkinson (June 12), Marilyn Monroe (June 1)


Gemini 3: June 12–June 20



You’re a natural-born leader. You’ve got a remarkable ability to make decisions, a lot of natural luck, and a remarkable brain for complex structures. The keyword here is “management.” Use your way with words and multi-tasking brain to take over the world as a management consultant or CEO.


Gemini 3 Celebrities:
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (June 13), Lucy Hale (June 14), Blake Shelton (June 18)


Cancer 1: June 21–June 30



You’re a free spirit who lives for new ideas, debate, and your friends and family. You’ve got a remarkably great balance of loyalty and excitement in your stars. While it can be easy for this sign to get distracted by competition, your superpower is your persistence. Your natural curiosity would make you an excellent writer, journalist, or researcher.


Cancer 1 Celebrities:
Ariana Grande (June 26), Lana Del Rey (June 21), Khloe Kardashian (June 27)


Cancer 2: July 1–July 12



Cancers can carry a reputation of being a pushover, which is rarely true—and definitely is NOT true for Cancer 2. However, it can be easy to overlook your dedication and strong personality due to the feature that shines the brightest of all, your charisma. You’re a natural-born celebrity, and you’ll assuredly gain influence in any field of your choice, from teaching to acting.

Cancer 2 Celebrities:
Lindsay Lohan (July 2), Tom Cruise (July 3), Courtney Love (July 9), Margot Robbie (July 2)


Cancer 3: July 13–July 22



Optimistic, daring, and creative are three of your best qualities. As the moodiest sign under Cancer, your emotions have a tendency to run deep. Really, really deep. However, your empathy is one of the reasons people love you,and channeling your unique perspective into creative pursuits can be thrilling. Whether you decide to paint for pleasure or take your art to commercial galleries, you’ll do brilliantly.

Cancer 3 Celebrities:
Luke Bryan (July 17), Vin Diesel (July 18), Selena Gomez (July 22)


Leo 1: July 23–August 2



Have you ever heard that the journey is more important than the outcome? Yeah, you can toss that right out the window. You play to win. It’s the only way you know how to play, in fact. Your work ethic is absolutely legendary, and you work incredibly hard to achieve every bit of success you’ve earned. Use your giant, strategic brain to set personal and professional goals and achieve them in record time.

Leo 1 Celebrities:
Jennifer Lopez (July 24), Kate Beckinsale (July 26), Sandra Bullock (July 26)


Leo 2: August 3–August 12



Spontaneous much? You have all the power and boldness of the lion of the zodiac, and that’s a great thing. Let your wild side hang loose a little. Your friends and romantic partners love the fact that you’re always up to take an unplanned road trip on the weekend or dive into a new form of fitness class. Despite your primal nature, you’re also highly organized and a great candidate for a management role.

Leo 2 Celebrities:
Anna Kendrick (August 9), Kylie Jenner (August 10), Cara Delevigne (August 12)


Leo 3: August 13–August 22



There’s a lot to love about Leos, and you have all of those traits in spades. You’re blessed with absolutely unshakable confidence. You’re loyal, and expect loyalty from your loved ones. Remember that you may hold yourself to an incredibly high standard at times, and that giving yourself room to relax is okay. Self-care is really important for this sign. Hold onto your natural charisma and boldness with both hands, because it gives you the raw potential for some serious star power.

Leo 3 Celebrities:
Jennifer Lawrence (August 15), Demi Lovato (August 20), Madonna (August 16), Joe Jonas (August 15)


Virgo 1: August 23–September 2



Since your sign is ruled by Mercury, your head comes first. You’re likely excellent at solving academic and tough professional problems, and surround yourself with smart people. Chances are, you’re also a little bit of a “sapiosexual,” or someone who is attracted to other smart people. If you can unlock the ability to turn those brilliant thoughts into action, you could rule the world. Or at least start a really successful business.

Virgo 1 Celebrities:
Shania Twain (August 28), Kobe Bryant (August 23), Zendaya (September 1)


Virgo 2: September 3–12



You represent a wonderful blend of mind and heart, thanks to your planetary influence of Saturn. You’re beyond Type-A—chances are, you’ve got your next vacation or day off planned out in a spreadsheet. Despite your extreme attention to detail and remarkable dedication to finishing what you start, you’re a fantastic friend and lover with a serious drive to please others. You may be uniquely well-suited for work in entertainment or the medical field.

Virgo 2 Celebrities:
Beyoncé Knowles (September 4), Pink (September 8), Bernie Sanders (September 8)


Virgo 3: September 13–22



You’ve never been accused of “not pulling your weight.” In fact, you’re one of the hardest-working, hardest-thinking signs in the zodiac! This means you pull serious results, but it also means you may suffer from some very Virgo tendencies to overthink things and worry too much. You’ve got a remarkable ability to overcome obstacles, and thrive in creative situations. As someone uniquely suited to thrive in high-pressure situations, you’d do well with a demanding career.

Virgo 3 Celebrities:
Lisa Vanderpump (September 15), Jimmy Fallon (September 19), Jason DeRulo (September 21)


Libra 1: September 23–October 3



You’re a natural-born diplomat. In fact, you’re the one person everyone calls in the middle-of-the-night for a ride home. You’re a great listener, fantastic at understanding others, and have some serious trouble saying no. Don’t hesitate to set boundaries, especially if you ever feel you’re being taken advantage of. Help your natural mediation skills thrive and foster your objective mind. Your potential can take you anywhere from international relations to scientific research.

Libra 1 Celebrities:
Barbara Walters (September 25), Avril Lavigne (September 27), Serena Williams (September 26), Gwen Stefani (October 3)


Libra 2: October 4–13



You’re utterly charming and can make friends with literally anyone. In fact, you’re the person people always share their secrets with. Underneath your charming exterior, you’ve got a shrewd and strategic mind. You can fit in anywhere, and you’re incredibly likeable. To be honest, you’d make a fantastic spy, but you’d also do brilliantly in sales.

Libra 2 Celebrities:
Dakota Johnson (October 4), Bruno Mars (October 8), Bella Hadid (October 9)


Libra 3: October 14–22



You see both sides of every story, but have an incredible drive for doing the right thing. In fact, you’re probably the person who made sure no one ever ate lunch alone in elementary school. Libra 3 carries such a strong drive to create balance that they’re unafraid to stand out. Let your light shine, and never be afraid to keep fighting the good fight. It’s a wonderful quality, and sets you up well for roles in social services, non-profits, or activism.

Libra 3 Celebrities:
Eminem (October 17), Zac Efron (October 18), Kim Kardashian (October 21)


Scorpio 1: October 23–November 1




Scorpios get a bad rap, but you definitely don’t deserve it. You’ve got charisma in spades, and remarkable ability to intuitively assess the world around you. It’s a real gift to be able to read people and situations perfectly, and it allows you to connect well with your friends and coworkers. However, make sure that being so attuned to others doesn’t cut into your ability to relax every once in awhile! Your remarkable powers of observation can serve you well in many fields.


Scorpio 1 Celebrities:
Katy Perry (October 25), Hillary Clinton (October 26), Julia Roberts (October 28), Caitlyn Jenner (October 28)





Scorpio 2: November 2–11




There’s nothing quite as mysterious and sexy as your poker face! You may have emotions that run incredibly deep on the inside, but you appear completely cool and in-control to the world around you. The vibe of this sign is totally sexy and fascinating. Don’t be afraid to share what you feel with people you trust or a therapist. In addition, your calm demeanor makes you a fantastic candidate for a trial attorney, spy, or therapist.


Scorpio 2 Celebrities:
Kendall Jenner (November 3), Anna Wintour (November 3), Kris Jenner (November 5)





Scorpio 3: November 12–22




You’ve got the mysterious public image of a Scorpio, but some really shrewd powers of observation. You’re a natural born detective with a major curiosity about the people around you. Don’t be afraid of the limelight, Scorpios 3 have some massive charisma even if they prefer to sometimes blend in. Build a career that allows you to share your observations, which could include work as an author, scientist, or researcher.


Scorpio 3 Celebrities:
Anne Hathaway (November 12), Ryan Gosling (November 12), Shailene Woodley (November 15), Tyga (November 19)





Sagittarius 1: November 23–December 2




Wanderlust, much? You have a natural ability to fit in with different cultures, experiences; and a burning desire to experience everything the world has to offer. You’re also likely to have a serious love of nature and the outdoors, and a fascination with history and how people lived in the past. You’re happiest when your life is filled with variety, so be sure to balance a busy workweek in the city with a weekend hike in the mountains. Find a career that allows plenty variety, like a travel journalist or international relations.


Sagittarius 1 Celebrities:
Katherine Heigl (November 24), Rita Ora (November 26), Britney Spears (December 2)





Sagittarius 2: December 3–12




No one knows more secrets than you! You’re born with an innate love for all of the hidden mysteries in life and a mind that just doesn’t stop asking questions. Feed your desire for exploration and discovery with plenty of time in nature and lots and lots of good books. Your relentless pursuit of hidden knowledge could make you an exceptional academic, restaurant critic, or interviewer.


Sagittarius 2 Celebrities:
Amanda Seyfried (December 3), Nicki Minaj (December 8), Raven-Symone (December 10)





Sagittarius 3: December 13–21




You’re a free spirit with a tendency to question the rules and forge your own path. Your best quality is your extreme desire to live authentically. People are drawn to you for your honesty, and chances are, you’re also surrounded by a loyal friends and lovers because of how much you value genuine people. Your rebel personality could thrive working at a startup or building your own business from the ground up.


Sagittarius 3 Celebrities:
Taylor Swift (December 13), Sarah Paulson (December 17), Alyssa Milano (December 19)





Capricorn 1: December 21–31




You’re happiest when you’re in motion. You’ve got all of the personal power of the Capricorns with a strong dose of Sagittarius passion. However, you’ve also got the unique quality of being highly effective. You say it like it is, and knock stuff off your daily to-do list at a rate the rest of us can only dream of. Avoid situations or jobs that involve a lot of sitting around and waiting at all costs. Your remarkable drive for efficiency and results makes you a fantastic organizer, and you’d be an excellent business consultant, personal stylist, or manager.


Capricorn 1 Celebrities:
Jane Fonda (December 21), Meghan Trainor (December 22), Ellie Goulding (December 30)





Capricorn 2: January 1–10




Even the stars in the sky aren’t as high as your standards, Cap. 2. You set the bar incredibly high in every area of your life, from relationships to home furnishings to personal accomplishments. Your confidence and drive will serve you well, but be sure that you’re not too hard on yourself in the very rare instances where you fail to meet your goals. Thanks to your love for the finer things in life, you’d make a remarkable high-fashion designer or excel in other luxury careers.


Capricorn 2 Celebrities:
Kate Bosworth (January 2), Kate McKinnon (January 6), David Bowie (January 8)





Capricorn 3: January 11–19




Understated elegance is a phrase often associated with people born under this sign. You’re all that and more, but you don’t feel the need to brag about it. You’ve got impeccable tastes and loads of tact, along with the Capricorn quality of loads of drive. People want to be you. Don’t let your tendency to be modest overshadow your accomplishments when it comes to landing jobs you deserve. Your diplomatic personality type makes you a natural teacher, counselor, or coach.


Capricorn 3 Celebrities:
Yolanda Hadid (January 11), Zayn Malik (January 12), Michelle Obama (January 17)





Aquarius 1: January 20–30




Your ideas are brilliant. Much more importantly, you’ve got so much passion and enthusiasm for discovery that you are born to bring those ideas into reality. Your tireless pursuit of knowledge means that you’re always learning. Be sure to stimulate yourself with smart friends and continual education–your idea of a perfect date would be taking an advanced cooking class with your significant other. Channel your passion and individuality into inventing, creating, and building new things.


Aquarius 1 Celebrities:
Doutzen Kroes (January 23), Alicia Keys (January 25), Oprah Winfrey (January 29)





Aquarius 2: January 31-February 8



You could teach an online class in staying true to yourself. You’re a real individual, and your superpower is ignoring the haters. While this strong sense of self is going to serve you incredibly well in life, you may need to work on honing some of your compromise skills in relationships. Whatever goals you set for yourself, you’re definitely determined enough to reach. However, you could be particularly well suited to becoming an entrepreneur, sales professional, or manager.


Aquarius 2 Celebrities:
Lauren Conrad (February 1), Isla Fisher (February 3), Ashton Kutcher (February 7)





Aquarius 3: February 9–18




You love nothing more than challenging ideas and the status quo. You’ve got some great balance in your stars, with influence from Venus and Saturn. The result is an amazing mix of creative and analytical tendencies, and a desire to ask lots of questions about the world around you. Surround yourself with people, projects, and situations where you can exercise your need for passion and exploration. You’d thrive in careers where you can balance your way with words with your curiosity, which could include an excellent non-fiction author or investigator.


Aquarius 3 Celebrities:
Tom Hiddleston (February 9), Jennifer Aniston (February 11), Natalie Dormer (February 11)





Pisces 1: February 19–29




You’re a dreamer. There’s a lot of unique and lovely qualities about this sign, including a desire to express inner beauty through writing, art, and music. You’re also extremely sensitive, and highly-empathetic. Setting boundaries is an important challenge, especially if you’re feeling drained enough that it’s affecting your ability to put your ideas into practice. Whatever you do in life, make time for creativity and self-expression.


Pisces 1 Celebrities:
Rihanna (February 20), Drew Barrymore (February 22), Ja Rule (February 29)





Pisces 2: March 1–9




You’re excellent at assuming disguises, which gives you the superpower of being able to blend seamlessly into new situations, but it also means you’re prone to keeping your feelings hidden. Take care to build relationships with loyal people who you can connect with on an emotional level. Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and you’ll thrive. As an excellent listener and thinker, you’re fantastically-well suited for social work, medicine, or mental health careers.


Pisces 1 Celebrities:
Rebel Wilson (March 2), Laura Prepon (March 7), Kat Von D (March 8)





Pisces 3: March 10–20




You have great ideas, and you’re never afraid to ask for what you want in life. This is the amazing personality type that many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and visionaries have in common, like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Developing your analytical and planning skills can make you positively unstoppable. Whatever you do in life, be sure you’ve got room to innovate, make changes, and experiment. It’s important to who you are!


Pisces 3 Celebrities:
Thora Birch (March 11), Eva Longoria (March 15), Adam Levine (March 18)