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The Lottery and Your Lucky Numbers

Some people play the same numbers on the lottery every day. If you lived in Bulgaria and your numbers were 4, 15, 23, 24, 35, and 42, you would have hit it big—twice.

Reuters reports that the Bulgarian lottery picked the same six numbers two days in a row. Nobody won the first night, but eighteen people ended up picking the lucky numbers the second night, winning $7,700 each. Authorities say it was not manipulation or a glitch in the system. The drawings are monitored by special committee and shown on live television to prevent fraud.

Mathematician Michail Konstantinov even weighed in saying that while the chance of choosing the same numbers two days in a row was highly improbable, is not impossible there is a one in four million chance.

Still you could have a better chance of hitting it big if you avoid numbers altogether. According to a local TV news affiliate, Georgia resident Earl Fritz had already won $1,000 early in the week when he played again and came up $777,777 richer on the game Lucky 7s.

We thought luck ruled in the lottery, but it looks like, once again, persistence pays off.

Chaniga Vorasarun for Tonic, the “good news” site