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8 New Dating Apps That Are Way More Than Just Swiping

Sick of swiping left and right? Us too. Luckily there are plenty of dating apps that'll help you find ~the one~.

Ahh, dating in the digital age. We all know Tinder and Bumble have taken over the world of digital dating, and while we love that feeling when you see "It's a Match," we also know how tired we are of the same old thing.

Here are the newest dating apps that might just help you find love. (And no, you don't have to tell your mom how you actually met...)

1. Hater

Sure, you might bond over your shared interest in lattes and Jennifer Lawrence flicks, but sometimes you find that you really bond over your dislikes. (Football, anyone?)

Here's how Hater works: You make an account, and you're then presented with a variety of topics to choose among— including food, politics, sports, just to name a few. At this point, there are around 3,000 topics to choose from, and they're currently being updated with some "trending" topics too. (Harambe, we're talking about you—RIP.)

The app then uses an algorithm to determine your compatibility, and if the person has a "most hated thing," then that's shared, too.

Who knows? Maybe your shared hatred of the Yankees might just be what brings you and the love of your life together.

2. DatePlay

Want to "gamify" the online dating experience? Then DatePlay might just be for you. According to Tech Crunch, users work through a series of quizzes, and the algorithm uses both personality data and their matching algorithm to help you land a date.

The app asks a load of random questions to help figure out whether there is compatibility (in an effort to prevent people from rigging the system!), and the app will then give you the opportunity to match with people who you are most compatible with. (Because if we bond over which Family Guy character we are, then we know it's real.)

3. Hotline

Ever feel like your messaging back and forth hits a lull? You're not alone. Luckily for you, Hotline dating app forces you to have a real-life conversation before messaging to determine if the person you've matched with is worth your time.

So how does it work? Well, before people are able to text, they have to have at least a five-minute phone convo to ensure there is some compatibility.

While this app may not be for the person who dislikes the potentially awkward phone call, it does have the potential to spark some actually relevant conversation. Though it's only available in New York City at this time, we'll keep our eyes (and ears) open to see just how this works.

4. FaceDate

Most people could admit that they tend to have a "type" they tend to be attracted to. (Brown hair + brown eyes + dimples = swoon, am I right?) If that's the case, then FaceDate might be the app for you.

All you have to do is create your bio and upload a set of photos of people you find attractive. FaceDate will keep those images in a database and match you with people who share similar resemblance. The app is currently in prototype phase, and they're hoping to secure the funding for an official iOS release soon.

Okay, so it may be a little vain. But if you're just trying to find that Harry Styles look-a-like, then this might be the app for you.

5. Sapio

If you tend to bond more over your love of politics and intelligent conversation, then Sapio might be the app for you.

According to, Sapio uses a feature called "Question Explorer," which asks around 300 open-ended questions from categories as varied as "Hopes and Dreams" to "Hypotheticals." Following a set of personal inquiries as well, the responses are analyzed and users are based on interests and personality type.

Let the (intelligent) conversation begin.

6. LuvByrd

Okay, so this app may not be for everyone. But for the outdoor enthusiast? This app is the real deal. LuvByrd matches outdoor lovers with users who are interested in the same recreational activities, making it the easiest way to plan a first date.

Pick out your favorite summer and winter destinations, and where you like to do 'em, then browse profiles to see who you most connect with. And let's be real: There's nothing more romantic than finding love while making s'mores over an open fire.

7. Wingman

We all have that one friend who just can't seem to figure out how to turn his/her disastrous dating life around. But now, enter Wingman, a dating app that lets you set your friends up for them! The premise of the app is to play matchmaker, and instead of the individual making his/her own profile, their friends do it for them. (Which can be either awesome or incredibly terrifying, depending on his/her posse.) The app lets your friends write fun reviews on all of your best characteristics, and once there's a match, you're free to take it from there. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

8. First

For anyone who has a case of swipe/chat/repeat fatigue, this next app is for you. 25-year-old Truman Kain out of Los Angelos created a program that encourages people to get off of the phone and onto the date. The premise is that you post a date idea of your choosing (dinner, a sporting event, drinks, etc.) and a time into a feed of open dates, and people of your preferred gender and age who are in your area can select it to join you. You get to pick a winner from those who submit their interest, and instead of chatting or getting to know them, you just show up for the date a few hours later. You can even specify up front tha tthe cost of the date will be split evenly, be your treat, or if you want them to pay for it (which is only to be used if you're feeling especially brave or broke). Sure, it's kind of like the old-fashioned way of starting things with a date, but now that it's in app form, maybe people will find it more intriguing? 


Are you willing to try a new dating app to find love?

Maggie Dickman

Maggie is a digital apprentice at Meredith Corporation. When she's not writing trending stories, you'll find her full on blasting One Direction, scanning through her favorite fashion blogs or hitting up any and every concert that passes through her home base of Des Moines.

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