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New Site Makes Dating Even More Awkward

It’s the most common of queries after a guy doesn’t call you for a second date: what went wrong? A girl can go insane ruminating on such a question. Maybe you talked about your dog too much, or maybe you had a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth all night. Rather than drive yourself up the wall with “maybes,” it’s often better to just write it off as not meant to be and get on with your life. A new website may be able to tell you the exact reason that a potential lover called it quits.

Enter Wot Went Wrong, a new website that helps you find out why promising new romances ended unexpectedly or seemingly good first dates never yielded a second without ever having to exchange so much as a word with your disgruntled date. While the socially awkward are kissing the feet of the Internet gods for this uncommunicative blessing, this concept leaves the rest us (read: those who don’t have a phobia of verbal speech) a bit at a loss. If you resort to using this service to question why your love prospect vanished, don’t be surprised if the answer you receive is “You send me creepy, needy virtual comment cards.”
Here’s how it works: you enter the name and email of the man in question and allow the site to craft you an inquiry. There are several mood templates available, such as philosophical, sincere, lighthearted, confused, flippant, and cool. If you choose philosophical, for example, a quote from Ben Franklin starts off your message: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” It continues with, “And I’d really like to know what went wrong with us. Just for my benefit. Do you think you could let me know?” To incentivize your date to respond, you are given a checklist where you can rate various details such as their conversation skills, attractiveness, and kissing prowess. Once sent, the dumper will receive an email requesting feedback, which he gives by selecting from a twelve-category menu. Possible reasons for getting the boot include “Sex drive is too low,” “Incompatible tastes in music,” “Bad breath,” “You emasculate me,”“Lack of chemistry,” and the ever-popular “It’s not you … ” custom response, among others.
Wot Went Wrong’s pitch is that it acts as a portal to finding out the truth in a “socially acceptable” way because calling or emailing a past flame “can be so—stalkery.” Are we being Punk’d? Because as average, mentally sane women, that statement leaves us wondering how would they describe using a third-party website to compose a feedback request that includes Benjamin Franklin quotes. Since when is that “socially acceptable”? Sure, every girl wants closure, but does finding out that someone thinks you’re “too hairy” provide that? Or does it just twist the knife a little deeper?
What do you think? Would you ever turn to this site to get answers, or are some things better left unsaid?

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