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What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About Your Dating Habits

Are you more of a relationship or a booty-call type of gal? The answer lies with the princesses.

Each of the Disney princesses has her own unique personality, and therefore her own unique relationship tendencies. Pick your favorite Disney princess (we included the 11 "official" Disney franchise princesses) and we'll tell you exactly how you normally approach dating.

Snow White


If you're partial to the O.G. princess, Snow White, you probably don't mind having multiple suitors at one time. The whole point of dating is playing the field, right? You don't mind if they're a little shorter than you, and you can't resist someone who's musically gifted. A date to the farmer's market would be right up your alley—maybe avoid the apples, though.



You love to go out, party, and meet potential suitors 'til midnight (and somehow, you always end up losing something in the process). Occasionally you meet a sharp-dressed someone at the bar, but later you realize you didn't even exchange contact info. Your parents/family members don't always approve of your dating choices, but hey—that's your decision, not theirs! Date whoever makes you happy.



Can't we all relate to Sleeping Beauty a little bit? Homegirl can't always stay awake, and neither can we. If you like princess Aurora, your favorite date is probably staying in to snuggle and watch Netflix. You also love taking naps with your S.O. and count that as spending time together. You aren't the gal to hit up for a booty call (because let's be honest, you're probably asleep).



Chances are, you're adventurous and love dates that let you explore new places. You might have a particular interest in suitors who are older than you, sometimes even the ones you're forbidden to have. You're always open to trying new things, but be careful not to sacrifice too much of yourself for your significant other. You don't want to lose your voice in the relationship.



When it comes to potential bfs/gfs, you fall for their personality before you fall for their looks, and even if they have weird quirks, you embrace them. Sure, they talk to their silverware before a meal, but who are you to judge? You truly appreciate an intellectual and someone you can have serious conversations with—so don't waste your time on the Gastons of the world.



Okay, so your parents might not approve of the bad-boy type, but you're most definitely into it. You secretly swoon when they prove they can dish out just as much sass as you can. You appreciate someone who's hardworking and not afraid to get down and dirty. It can be difficult to impress you, but you have high standards for a reason and you'll accept nothing less.



If you ain't talkin' environmental responsibility, I don't wanna talk. You'd love a S.O. who cares about endangered species and their environmental footprint as much as you do. You prefer outdoorsy dates like hiking, canoeing, or stargazing. It's important for you to date someone you can see a future with—AKA, getting a pet together.



If Mulan is your favorite Disney princess, you probably prefer being in control. You like wearing the pants in the relationship and aren't afraid to whip someone into shape if need be. Your S.O. should like you for the REAL you, so you don't feel the need to cake on makeup or wear fancy clothes to impress anyone. You're impressive enough.



You most definitely won't deal with f*ckboys—you don't have time for that. With goals and ambitions like yours, there's no way you'd ever be a housewife (but you still love to cook for your boo either way). You need someone who isn't clingy and lets you have your independence.



If you love Rapunzel, you need a significant other who will always keep the relationship interesting. Your variety of talents and interests means you need someone who can keep up, and be just as playful as you can be. At times you tend to be a little too trusting—you absolutely can't resist someone with a killer smile.



Dating? Who needs it! You're a strong independent woman who doesn't need a S.O. to feel complete. You refuse to fit into society's mold and you're 100% your own person. It would take a lot to really impress you, but it would be totally worthwhile. Anyone would be lucky to have such a badass on their arm.


Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she's not dishing on Hollywood's hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle.

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