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14 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Gets a New SO

Things change when your best friend starts dating someone new, but it isn't all bad; third-wheeling definitely comes with some perks.

You love your best friend. And you love that someone sees her for the amazing person she is, but some things definitely change when that new person comes along. Here's what happens when your bestie finds that special person.

1. You celebrate the good news

Excited gif

And joke about how you never really thought you'd be lonely cat ladies.

2. Your convos change focus from "Check out that cutie" to "Bobby did the sweetest thing today"

Best friends laughing gif

But the bedroom play-by-plays never go away.

3. Your friend group starts to grow

Group of friends gif


Their friends become your friends and vice versa.

4. They start setting you up with aforementioned friends

Doctor Who gif

Run. 'Cause you don't need that drama.

5. Suddenly your BFF's SO is like another sibling in your life

Siblings gif

And your brother-sister arguments get on your best friend's nerves.

6. You know EXACTLY what's going on in their relationship

Best Friends Giggling

She tells you everything. EVERYTHING.

7. Your plus one isn't so constant

Barney sigh gif

But that's okay, some sacrifices need to be made.

8. You learn how to be the ultimate third-wheel

Best Friends Gif

Like taking photos for their future wedding slide show.

9. Speaking of weddings, you've started planning theirs

27 Dresses Gif

You know her colors, the date, exactly how she wants him to propose.

10 You start seeing less of them

Can't Talk About it Gif

Hey, everyone needs their alone time.

11. But you do start to miss them

Sad Marie gif

Because even though you're happy for them, your weekend adventures are dwindling.

12 But you see a change in her attitude

Mickey and Minnie in Love

The sun is shining. Couples are cute again. And everything is making her smile.

13. Which in turn is making you smile

Best friends happy for each other

Because when your best friend is happy, you're happy.

14. And you know no matter who comes into your lives

Parks and rec gif

Your friendship is forever.

Alyssa K. Priebe

Alyssa is an Iowa native who's always loved fashion and found a passion for journalism while studying at Iowa State University. When she's not writing for More, you can find her watching Disney movies, crafting, and snapping adorable pics of her cats, Rory and Widget.

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