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This Father's Day, Don't Make Dad Settle for a Tie

Ties. Tool kits. “World’s Greatest Dad” trophies. After kids have been out of the “macaroni-glitter-art-project” years, fathers tend to accumulate a lot of the typical Father’s Day gifts.   Of course ties, tools, and trophies are all nice, but this year, don’t resort to one of these cliché gifts. Get your dad something he’ll really enjoy. No matter what kind of dad you have—sports nut or scholar, geek or golf fanatic—we've found something that will be perfect for him. 

For the Metrosexual

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Some dads get manicures, and that’s okay. If your dad is more into shopping and skincare than mowing the lawn, get him a personalized shaving set. This luxe razor/brush duo(complete with a stand) features imitation ivory handles that can be emblazoned with his initials. (_Fusion Contemporary Shaving Set, $255, "":,default,pd.html?start=11&cgid=shaving-sets&navid=shaving-sets_)

For the Golfer

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Yes, golf gifts feel like tired standbys, but some dads really do like golf. If you’ve already given yours every single rangefinder, cart accessory, and divot-replacing set that the golf gods can dream up, get your dad a set of customized golf balls. Dick’s Sporting Goods will print your dad’s name, company logo, or a funny message of your choice on whatever kind of balls he prefers. The best part—since balls don’t last forever, you’re covered on a gift for next year, too. (_from $19.99 for twelve, "":

For the Geek

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If your dad is the one giving you computer tech support, indulge his inner gadgetphile with this adorable robotic USB hub. He winds up, stomps around, and glows, RARR! Also he houses four USB slots and an SD reader. (_Roboto USB Hub, $28, "":

For the Busy Executive

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Don’t be mad if your dad’s demanding job kept him from attending your dance recitals or baseball games. Dads with stressful work responsibilities need a time-out, so give him this tabletop zen garden. He can rake the sand and arrange the rocks to help him keep his cool on frustrating conference cards. Serenity now! (_Deluxe Tabletop Zen Garden Kit, $23.99, "":

For the Dad-to-Be

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They say that kids don’t come with an instruction manual, but if you know a guy who’s about to embark on the grand journey of parenthood, help allay his fears with the Pinstripe Dad-To-Be Set, which contains a very manly pinstriped diaper bag, a book with tips on how to handle any childcare situation, and a totally hipsterish onesie for baby. (_$125, "":

For the Eternal Child

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If your dad has never quite outgrown his fascination with toys, Father’s Day is the perfect time to indulge his passion for things that go boom. How about a remote-controlled helicopter? He’ll love the chance to not have to be a grown-up for a while. (_Combat RC Copter, $69.99, "":|category|topratedgifts|749873p_)

For the Beer Lover

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Or the couch potato, or the gourmand, or the aspiring chemist…this kit contains everything needed to make five gallons of homemade beer. If your dad just defaults to Coors Light, he needs this. (_Half Glass Brewing Kit, $130, "":

For the Scholar

8 / 9

Perfect for readers, history buffs, and any other dads who just love knowing more than everyone else (i.e. all dads). Robert Caro is the definitive LBJ scholar of our generation, and his latest book The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, tells the story of the thirty-sixth president’s rise from Senate Majority Leader to President. (_$18.42, "":

For the Outdoorsman

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Whether he’s into camping, marathoning, backpacking, or boating, he can probably use a watch that measures speed and distance, tracks pace, and monitors location via GPS. (_Timex Marathon GPS Sport Watch, $99.95, "REI":

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