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15 Little Ways To Know Your S.O. Really Loves You

We're all for big, romantic gestures, but sometimes it's the little things that take up the most space in our hearts.

We would never say no to a candlelit dinner or a romantic night on the town but let's face it, that isn't going to happen every day (or maybe not even every year). And honestly, that's probably not what made you fall in love with your partner, either. It's not the grand, sweeping gestures that keeps the relationship going—it's the little things. Here are 15 ways you and your SO might say I love you without even meaning to.

1. When the morning person makes the night owl coffee in the morning


Sure, it's super simple for the early bird, but this small gesture means EVERYTHING to night owls who would prefer to rise several hours after the sun. Besides, that extra two minutes in bed means much more to the night owl, and the early bird knows it.

2. Doing the chores your SO can't stand


Nobody likes chores, but you KNOW your honey hates folding the laundry more than just about anything, so you do it. They probably breathe a sigh of relief every time they realize the laundry basket they've been avoiding has mysteriously gone missing. Don't worry, next time your love sees you cringing at the dirty dishes, we're sure they'll take one for the team, too.

3. Ignoring each other's bad habits


You've been dating long enough by now that they know you sometimes leave your hair in the drain and you've definitely seen them pick their nose. But it's fine. Nobody is a dime 100% of the time, and you love them anyway.

4. Trying really hard to listen to each other's boring stories


They don't care about the guy your best friend just started dating, and you sure don't want to hear about their video game score... But you both listen to the best of your ability and respond with as much enthusiasm as you can muster.

5. Watching each other's stupid shows without complaining


Your SO pretends to take an interest in the Kardashians as a thank you for your pretend enthusiasm about sports. As long as you both come together for Game of Thrones, all is well.

6. Surprising each other with food


Screw flowers—bring us pizza. And ice cream. And chicken wings, if you can. When bae delivers on our food cravings, our hearts are aflutter for days. Not even roses can compete with surprise Pad Thai from your favorite restaurant.

7. Taking care of each other when someone gets sick


They're sick and pathetic. But when you came down with the flu last month, your partner rubbed your head for hours until you fell asleep, so you'll happily return the favor by doing everything in your power to keep them comfortable while they're on the mend.

8. Getting excited over each other's accomplishments


Bae is so excited about your promotion people think they got one, and vise versa. They're successes feel like your successes, and you get so filled with pride for each other you can barely contain yourselves.

9. Putting up with each other's most infuriating friends


Your boo thinks your friend Sara is annoying and you've hated Bobby since you first met, but you deal with it. Sometimes it requires a lot of wine, but you still deal with it.

10. Getting visibly (and stupidly) excited to see them


So what if you saw them 15 minutes ago when they left to get the pizza? You love them. They love you. And they brought food, so it's fine.

11. Giving up the last piece of food on the plate


They know you have a hard time sharing when you split dessert, so they usually let you have the last bite—even if you practically inhaled the whole thing without leaving them much of a bite anyway.

12. Buying each other the essentials


Your boyfriend or girlfriend is an old pro at emergency tampon runs by now, and they don't even need to text you a million times to make sure it's the right brand. What more could you ask for?

13. They let you "borrow" their clothing


Sure, you have your own closet full of clothes (which they remind you of constantly) but they aren't as soft, or cozy, and they sure don't smell like your one and only. That way-too-big college hoodie will beat your favorite crew neck any day, any time.

14. Getting each other little gifts just because


You can't go to the store without buying their favorite candy bar, and you know they don't come home from Starbucks without picking up your favorite drink. Needed? No. Awesome? Yes. It's even better when it's something random that you grabbed just because.

15. Doing nothing together


They're the only person in the world that can make you enjoy endless hours of spending time together doing nothing. The strength of your relationship isn't determined by all the thing you go out and do together, but more by the love and happiness that's maintained in quiet moments when nothing is going on.

Jessica Banks

Jessica is a Chicago-born foodie and adventure enthusiast. When she is not writing, she enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling to new places.

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